Monday, March 24, 2008

good news

1. our car came home today. all fixed and nice. hopefully, other drivers will manage to avoid crashing into heather while she drives. and, it was done a full week before they estimated (i think they gave us a long estimate in the first place).

2. you can feed the stingrays again @ the fresno zoo. i think i may have to go do this sometime.

3. the tilt-a-whirl is open at rotary playland. i'm guessing it's totally worth the $2 to ride it. i know that the octopus was worth the same.


The Lulu said...

It must be nice to get something a week before you are supposed to as opposed to having to wait a week longer, maybe more....

The Jay said...

Feed the stingrays??? Don't you know we're at war against them??

Waterboard the stingrays!

wv: ighyvouk. Sounds like a Greek dessert.

edluv said...

maybe i'll feed it something special. fresno managed to kill off most they had last time.