Sunday, March 02, 2008

rogue review protean visions

here's a little bit of weekend recap as well as talk about the band i saw tonight during the rogue festival.

yesterday, adam and i went and saw persepolis. i went into the movie without knowing much about it. i knew it was some sort of animated movie that dealt with war. obviously, there is much more to the movie. it was a beautiful film, and well worth seeing.

in the lobby, adam confessed his love for patrick duffy, and decided to get married before we saw persepolis.

after the movie, we went over to sara's parents and had dinner. she was in town because her birthday last week, and her parents were making corned beef. we were fortunate enough to get to come over, too. it was great. by the time we were done with dinner, we weren't really feeling like checking out any rogue shows.

today was a lazy day. in the evening, i went over to tower mosaic and worked the door with mike.

it was a nice evening, not too cold, but i should have brought a light coat. mike and i chilled out, and we got to hear some great jazz. now, i'm not a huge jazz fan, but live jazz is pretty cool. especially when the band playing has horns. guitar jazz is nice, but give me a trumpet or a sax any day. tonight was a band named protean visions. they were a quartet featuring a trumpet player. cool stuff. i don't know if they have any other rogue sets, but they're worth checking out around town if you get a chance.

as i listened to the band play tonight i reflected on how many young, great jazz musicians fresno has right now. now, they're not all just jazz musicians, but still there are a ton of young, good players in town. i would guess that the four guys tonight were all in their early twenties. eva scow and javon davies, who played @ tmc on thursday night are both 19. the guitarist playing with them is 23. and this is only a few. really, if you even moderately enjoy jazz, fresno is a great place to be right now. and, yes, tmc is helping out by providing a place for these guys to play. tmc hosts an open jazz jam on the 2nd and 4th sundays of the month. first hour, the house band plays, the second hour/hour & half is a chance to sit in w/great players.


Adam said...

Patrick Duffy? No way man! I don't have any love for the dad on Step By Step.

ed said...

damn. dempsey.