Thursday, July 02, 2009

stupid protest sign

"if you like foreign oil you'll love foreign food"

as i read a story online about a water protest in downtown fresno i saw a photo of that statement on a protester poster. then, as i read the print copy i noticed that the photo was front and center.

to me, the statement is ridiculous. the two things are totally unrelated, especially when you are at a rally for water in our state. whether or not the federal and state governments regulate water has nothing to do with importing oil.

seriously, the more i try and make a connection, the more my head hurts. our farmers want water. if they don't get enough water, food production will be done. and how do we make the jump to oil?

let's try the other way. i like foreign oil. so, maybe i like foreign food (which i actually do). how does this relate to california water?

can anyone help me out? am i being obtuse? does the sign make sense to anyone?


blake said...

I think what they're trying to say is that if we don't grow our own food, we may become dependent on foreign food sources as well as foreign oil.

It's a messy situation. I'm not sure I feel confident to say 'what's right'.

I have a history question big were these westside towns *before* that giant canal was built....and was that *ever* a sustainable operation...and will that area all dry up eventually anyway. (the same could kinda be said about the entire city of Los Angeles).

Monticore said...

I think it makes sense to me. For a period of time the US used mainly domestic petrol products until we started to run out. There were efforts to increase drilling but these were curbed do to some environmental concerns. I believe that some of reasons that water is not being directed to the west valley has to do with protecting some endangered species. So I guess the connection vibes with me.

edluv said...

hmm, i hadn't thought about the possible environmental connection.

Tony said...

It's a simple message. It simply means that without water, you'll be dependent on food from outside the U.S. just like oil. Not hard to figure out. You were thinking too hard about it.