Thursday, July 09, 2009

blake jones @ tokyo garden

received an email from the master of the theremin and thought i'd pass along the info to you:

Saturday, June 11th at Tokyo Garden.
Three bands bring some sweet coolness
to your summer Saturday night:

Opening the show is:
Blake Jones & the Trike Shop

Second up , from San Francisco, it’s :
(indie-rock/prog w/ a sense of humor)

!!HEYA!! ---Come on out; let's give these out-of-town bands
a great Fresno audience and show 'em that this is a place to
mark on their map for further shows!

Closing things off, it’s Fresno’s own:
It’s an Icicle

First band (Trike Shop) is up promptly
at 9:30.

Come drink in the sounds of local and
not-so-local music as you lounge under
the comfort of Toshi and Tomi’s
inflatable Godzilla.
See you Saturday night!
5 bucks (cheap!)
promotions go to local TV:
check :
Central Valley Buzz on Thursday, June 9th
from 4-6pm for live music, witty banter, and more

1 comment:

blake said...

Thanks for posting this Ed.
Come on out y'all if you can.
We really wanna show our pals in S.F.'s "Griddle" that Fresno is welllll worth the drive to join in our local good times.