Tuesday, July 07, 2009

eric frimpong

i encourage you all to read this interesting piece on rape, athletics, race and the justice system from espn. it's only one side of the story, but it is a very compelling read.


Lulu said...

That is a very disturbing scenario. God forbid something like that happened to me, I don't think I could ever in good conscience acuse someone if I couldn't remember anything but vague characteristics or if I didn't have evidence of some kind, which it seemed there was none.

The article suggests that this prosecution was being fueled by people other than the victim and I can see that as being a definite possiblity. She now not only has to deal with being a victim, but I am wiling to bet that she does not feel great about putting this guy away too which can cause a lot more emotional trauma and guilt. And the judge seemed to be incredibly out of line to ignore evidence.
It is a terrible situation however you look at it.

edluv said...

the situation is definitely difficult, and although i thought the article was well written, it doesn't seem all that balanced. it's written to be sympathetic. i wonder what a piece from the other side would say about the judge and jury statements.

Uber Steve said...

It's an interesting read, for sure, especially juxtaposed with some of the comments in your Michael Jackson discussion.

I'm also reminded of the plight of the West Memphis 3, a miscarriage of justice if ever there was one.

edluv said...

it is interesting to think about how these two people, eric frimpong and michael jackson are viewed by many, including myself. one was convicted of rape, the other wasn't. and yet i'm way more sympathetic to the convicted one.

i read the espn piece, which is one sided, and i feel pissed off because i already think that the criminal justice system is screwed up. i know the racism out there, and this case just seems to scream racial bs. so much of the evidence seems to point somewhere else and so i have trouble believing this guy did it.

i think of michael jackson and think of everything we've heard about the guy, true or untrue. all the allegations, all the bizarre, and then the criminal accusations. mix in how screwed up our justice system is in handling people with money, and i again doubt the verdict handed out, but this time the other way. i have trouble believing that a guy who said he loved sleeping with children, who had alarms built into his house that went off if people went close to his bedroom, who only had sleepovers with boys (in his alarmed room) didn't do something wrong.

interestingly enough, both of these cases happened in the santa barbara area.