Wednesday, July 15, 2009

miracle at st. anna

today i watched miracle at st. anna. i have many thoughts, and thought i'd share them in a brief fashion:

why didn't this movie receive all the life like war acclaim that saving private ryan did? race?

dave chappelle/david alan greer black actor theory - cast of the wire + remember the titans - okay, a little bigger than that, but still, a lot of the same faces.

germans speaking german, italians speaking italian. how novel for a war movie.

germans using the idea that "terrorists" (partisans) not protected by geneva convention - very familiar

same prayer in multiple languages great touch

spike lee's best movie to date


Uber Steve said...

As I recall, it got kinda "meh" reviews. But your review has inspired me to check it out. Spike Lee can be great when he's got his A game happening. I loved Inside Man, and have great affection for Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X.

Ms.Joey said...

I recall Spike Lee causing a fuss because this movie didn't get the acclaim "Flags of our Fathers" got. He got into a verbal war with Clint Eastwood and accused him of being racist. That hoopla pretty much overshadowed the movie. I guess I should check it out; you made it sound so enticing.

mssolitaire said...

Wow... I really just kinda passed this one up because I thought it was going to be crap. I'll have to check it out now :)

edluv said...

i may have gone a little overboard with best movie to date. with more reflection maybe best movie of late is a better description. i think it's better than inside man, maybe not better than malcolm x or do the right thing.

Monticore said...

Yeah I haven't seen it either but it's gonna be hard to beat Denzel in Malcom X but not so hard to bet "get on the bus" and "jungle fever"

MsJoey said...

NO! Jungle Fever is the best!! Samuel L. Jackson alone made that movie watchable! Otherwise it was just crap!