Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lunch experiment

i do enjoy to experiment a little in the kitchen when i have some time. today was such a day. i had been kicking around several ideas for lunch, and settled on this one.

we bought these noodles the other day for some sort of spicy asian salad thing. they sucked in that capacity.

you see, these noodles are a mung bean noodle that are rather bland when you boil them as prescribed. so i figured that i would try something different with them. the package says you can fry them, and i thought i'd give that a try.

but what to put in them? let's think veggies. ah, we have broccoli!

you soak the noodles for a while, and then i boiled them a bit. you can see in this pic how transparent and sort of nothing these noodles are.

i let the noodles boil a bit and then added the broccoli to let it cook a little.

after boiling, i drained my noodle/broccoli concoction, put a little olive oil, pepper and garlic powder in the pan to let it all warm, and then dropped in the noodles. i also added some teriyaki sauce and some soy sauce, which gave the noodles a little color and flavor.

i let it all fry for a bit to get that pan fried noodle feel and taste. this was a bit tricky because i didn't want to burn the noodles, and i also didn't want them to stick to the pan.

here's the finished product:

post meal thoughts: nothing special. the noodles still sucked texture wise, although the stuff i added gave it a decent, familiar taste. i can't say i'd make this again. not exactly a lunch fail, but not a win either


Lulu said...

You guys must like the broccoli huh? I need to buy that more often.
Not bad though, I like those type of noodles but you are right they have no flavor. Maybe you could add some protein though like chicken or egg or beef next time.

edluv said...

i do enjoy broccoli. i've heard that a cup of broccoli has your daily amount of calcium.

i thought about tofu after i made it. chicken/egg also might be good.

Lulu said...

Broccoli has as much calcium as a glass of milk and has as much Vitamin C as an orange and is a cancer fighter, good choice my friend.

Monticore said...

Haha. I always tell my doctor that bit about broccoli when she asked if I am getting enough calcium. It seems that people are unaware that calcium is in more things than dairy products.

miriam said...

The resident half breed asian (moi) loves these noodles in soup. My Mom, the full blooded asian calls these bean threads.