Friday, July 31, 2009

rubber hose chair

this post is mainly for justin and adam. i challenge one of you two (or anyone else) to make me a rubber hose chair like this. if it's comfy, i'll buy a set from you. i realize it's more likely adam will take on this challenge, but i know justin appreciates a fine chair.

i think this would make great lounge furni for my back yard.

here's a boing boing post and a indestructables article that gives you some instructions.


Lulu said...

I like how Ed expects people to put the time, effort and money into this but will only buy it from you if he deems it acceptably comfortable;)

m.wise said...

that is almost exactly how i was reading it too.

he's such a grib!

edluv said...

except i said i would buy a set. a set implies multiple.

i never said i wouldn't pay for the first. in fact, i'd say that it is implied that i would buy the first along with the set.

i'll be honest, i'm offended that you assume i wouldn't pay for the chair.

the only reason i'm not addressing that last comment to you was beause of the grib joke.

Lulu said...

But do you know what is implied when someone winks at the end of their comment?

edluv said...

i apologize. i was hastily reading the comments and missed the winky face.

Chris Hangsleben said...

I'd like to add a design improvement if I may...

The metal bars should maybe be replaced with wood. It's awfully hot here in Fresno, and some half inch burns on the back of your thighs might not feel too good.

Adam said...

Wood would work, but it would change the complexity and difficulty of the design. I'd just get a few extra lengths of hose and slide those over the all-thread before I bolted the pieces together. Homemade insulation.