Friday, July 03, 2009

red pepper pizza and birding cat

two funny photos from thursday evening:

the first came from my art hop show. my buddy mike wise charlie wanted a little red pepper flake on his pizza. in true comic fashion, he ended up with plenty on it.

for those that missed the art hop reception, don't fret. you can stop by milano any time during the next month and see the paintings. 1243 fulton mall.

the second picture is funny because in her old age, our cat has decided to be a bird killing cat. or, at least she is trying to pretend that she is. there were two dead birds near our house, and i guess it's possible that she killed them. she brought one of them to the door step last night. we've had the cat like thirteen years and this is the first time she's done this:


Lulu said...

haha, the old loosely screwed on lid joke, classic.

miriam said...

Mrs. Puddles, a kitty cat. I never knew.

edluv said...

the funny thing is that i think carrie (sp?) used it before mike. not exactly sure how that works out.

Lulu said...

Carrie pranked Mike!

Or Mike has that motion down really well so he just shook it harder:)