Thursday, July 30, 2009

odd photos - discovered at the landmark and snarky note

last night at the local i saw something on the wallpaper that i'd never seen before. this always amazes me because i frequent the local, and use the restroom. how have i not seen this little line drawing before:

i thought it could be someone's original doodle, but no, it in fact is part of the wallpaper and repeats.

this next photo i took at work today. there is a board on the fridge so people can leave a note about food they're sharing. i didn't like the use of quotation marks on the watermelon note so i had to add my own two cents.

i'm a jerk. what's your excuse?


The Jay said...

It's juicy like the back of pink velour sweatpants.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

Yes well, admitting your fault is the first step! :) Just kidding.

I also would not like the quotation marks around juicy.

Aurore said...

You should submit the second one to

MsJoey said...

I love!!!
The best website ever!
And I think Ed, you would love it too.

Adam said...

I love dry watermelon.

edluv said...

yeah, i like passive aggressive as well. it's a fun site. maybe i'll submit.