Wednesday, July 08, 2009

metric fail update

remember this post? it seems that someone may have heard about it. whatever the case, we now have a better fitting title.


Adam said...

I think I dislike this one more.

Your original complaint that it should read "Conversions" or even "Common Conversions" would be billions of times better.

edluv said...

meh, i like conversions better, too, but this works fine for me. they're all units of measurement and what they stand for.

Scott and Malisa Johnson said...

I remember my first year teaching I had a large piece of chart paper with our "Scheldule" written out.

Obviously I know how to spell the word, but I didn't catch the mistake until March, and it was put up in September! I wished that the many adults who must have caught the mistake would have told me! FYI- one of those adults who caught the error and said nothing was my boyfriend at the time... SCOTT! :) I guess he was afraid to tell me!

Adam said...

What a moran.