Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the great fresno tweetup

ah, twitter. i know that some of you, along with myself, joke about twitter. one of the best descriptions i've heard or seen lately about twitter is that it is a great marketing tool masquerading as a social networking site. and i see a lot of local folks using their tweets to advertise their job skills, their businesses, their blogs, and so on. most tweets aren't just the stereotypical "pooping, then a shower, and maybe some lunch at el torito."

twitter is also becoming a way of organizing people. i wonder how future protests might use it to organize meet ups and avoid police. i know ithttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=14878403 was used somewhat in iran recently for this very idea. locally, and on a much smaller scale, the fresno grizzlies and the beehive have joined forces to gather local twitter users for a game.

so, i've already rsvp'd myself for the game. $5 ticket, + i get a $1 drink coupon. it's thirsty thursday, so my first beer is on them. sweet. and, as many people as want can come along (although i'm not sure on the drink tix thing).

so, who wants to brave the heat and see the grizzlies play?

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Anonymous said...

we used to use something similar to twitter for protests in the bay...
through indybay or something...it was something like flashmob or something