Wednesday, July 29, 2009

william shatner recites sarah palin's farewell speech

i admit i haven't stayed up and watched conan host the tonight show, but i've seen a few clips and it looks pretty fun. good funny ideas executed well.

in this one, conan got william shatner to recite sarah palin's farewell speech like a beat poem. brilliant.

but really, that was her speech? what the eff? bizarre.


Lulu said...

That was a bizzare speech! I could not at all summarize what she was saying, but at least William Shatners voice sounds better saying it.

brodiemash said...

That really was her speech. Colbert & Stewart had HILARIOUS bits on it, too. It's always sad to see comedy gold like her leave.

Lulu said...

Oh she will be back, don't worry!