Wednesday, July 01, 2009

july art hop

All Free*.

Milano restaurant - 1243 Fulton Mall

*free is relative. you're free to look at and enjoy the paintings, and even free to purchase them. the pizza, well there will be free pizza while supplies last. then you can buy some. the pints, from the get go you're free to purchase that.


The Mrs/Mom said...

I'm a dumbass and deleted my old blog, here's my new one.

This is not spam!

m.wise said...

yeah, this just may be my favorite painting of yours, ed. i always dug the green and black one that i think you sold or gave away, but i think i like this one more.

edluv said...

that one you're talking about was traded to adam for some frames that are on several paintings. and it hangs in his bedroom.

blake said...

Congratulations on your ArtHop opening tonight. I regret that I won't be able to come see it (nor visit Dorktown's party at the Olympic either)--I've been given the opportunity to dodge the heat and get up to the mountains tonight
for a bit. I will definately be going to Milano's soon to enjoy a meal and check out your work some more.