Thursday, April 30, 2009

megazone challenge - the results are in

as 5 pm approached, i admit, i was getting a little nervous. i'm pretty competitive, and wanted to do my best in what was essentially a fun challenge. i wanted to know if i could eat the megazone, and could i do it faster than everyone else.

the competition arrived. we had some laughs.

mike the fresnan was in good spirits

josh/famous whitewater is a slim dude, and so a lot of people were thinking he might be a favorite, a kobyashi type.

joey/lola la chola was all dolled up. she said the dress was to give a muumuu expansive effect.

the prize we were all gunning for

my megazone as it arrived. i was told after the competition that they had weighed mine before they brought it out and it was just under four pounds. i'm glad they told me that after.

this is my hand above the megazone in an attempt to give some scale. my hand is maybe an inch above the megazone, and my hand is 8" so the megazone is somewhere around 11" i think.

i went straight to work, employing a technique of eating all the center filling and then attacked the crust. it was difficult because it had tons of meat - i think pepperoni, salami, canadian bacon, sausage and some ground beef, and it had mushrooms, olives, green peppers and onions. i was so hoping there wouldn't be onions as i really dislike them. here's a photo i took when i was pretty far along.

my last two bites

here's what joey had left when i finished. she ate her way to a fourth place finish.

the fresnan didn't want to give me an unobstructed view of his third place finish. mikey, maybe this is why no one picked you.

famous whitewater made a valiant effort, and i actually was worried about his progress for a while. he came in second and ate all but about 1/4 of the megazone.

me, i just cleaned my plate like my mom taught me to do.

all gone.

my winnings: pitcher of beer that i shared with two others and still didn't finish, the megazone champ trophy, and a $20 certificate to milano's.

i think everyone had a good time. i know i was stuffed, and was hurting a bit like i had been punched very hard in the stomach. i couldn't go anywhere for about 45 minutes and then i drove home.

thanks to kendall & milano's. i'm glad to be one of 9 people to have conquered the megazone.

UPDATE: here's some video taken @ the event.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

megazone challenge post 2

in this corner...this guy

note the stubble. i'm training so much that i don't even have time to shave. also note the unbuttoned shirt that says, "i'm loose, i'm ready, i can eat a giant calzone." also note the gatorade bottle in the background. that's right, i drink gatorade.

and in this corner, weighing in somewhere between 1.5 & 2.5 lbs...the megazone!

it's big. it's bad. it will probably give me heartburn (i'm getting old). it will definitely challenge me.

i'm not trying to brag, but i think of my main competition as the megazone. i mean, joey, mikey, and josh will be there, too, and i'm not totally discounting them, but that beast on the plate is the real thing to conquer. i take it down, and the competition is mine.

head down to milano. it's downtown. it's not scary. it's on the fulton mall. 1243 fulton. the eating begins @ 5.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

megazone challenge

you know what's not good for you? overeating. you know what i'm doing this thursday?


this thursday, i'm taking on
famous whitewater/j.t. rocket/joshua "i'm a bowler" tehee
joey "lola la chola" fernandez
the fresnan/wiffle/mike "i pull wires" seay

in the megazone challenge @ milano.

now, i like milano's pizza, but i haven't had a calzone from there, let alone a two + lb version of a calzone. but i love a challenge, and i will not lose.

so, come out and watch me eat some fools under the table. and, enjoy some pizza of your own.

specter changes parties

it's not all that uncommon for people to switch their political affiliations in life. i myself changed from being a republic to being a democrat.

however, it is odd that an older person changes parties. it's especially odd for a senator to change parties, almost unheard of. but that is exactly what senator arlen specter is doing. he's ditching the republican party to become a democrat. i'm impressed. he's 79, and realizes that the republican party has moved further and further right, and doesn't represent his beliefs. and, they don't represent his constituents. i really respect this quote,

"Asked by a reporter what he had to say to his constituents, Specter replied with a smile, "I don't have to say anything to them. They said it to me."

that's great. his state, his constituents are trending democratically. pennsylvania voted for obama. his former party, they're moving away from where his state is going.

congrats, senator specter. eff the naysayers. stand up for what you, and the people you represent, believe in.

Monday, April 27, 2009

odd truck decal

i spotted this decal on a truck on sunday and thought it a bit strange

so, to the best of my understanding, it is two women kissing. one is bending over to kiss the other who is on her knees. the one kneeling appears to have her arms restrained behind her back.

what message is this person trying to tell me with their truck decal?

monday haikus

pleasant weather all
this week and i for one will
enjoy it and smile

Sunday, April 26, 2009

five star day

what has rademacher and jena malone (mary from saved if you're not sure).

five star day.

while the trailer isn't up yet, you can check out the website and the video on the opening page does feature rademacher's letter from fresno, ca. from what i hear, it's not the only rademacher song in the film (although i can't verify that).

also on the soundtrack:
the stooges
the henry clay people
and more

super cool.

Friday, April 24, 2009

pt. loma track view

snapped a little photo today to show you where i'm hanging out friday and saturday. good times, nice weather.

the team did real well today. one of my throwers may have broke a school record, that may have been held by my friend becky. the issue of the may deals with when the javelin changed. several years back, the weighting on both mens and womens javelin changed, so you basically have two sets of records @ every level, old record and new record. well, the record listed on the fpu website seems that it should/could have happened during the old jav period, but we're not 100%. and, it doesn't list which jav type it was. if it was old, then there should be a new one, which should be b.stigs (now anderson). which we think would've been broken today. we'll get it all figured out eventually.

high school reunion stripper - i remember andrea better

so, i know some folks that have a high school reunion coming up, and the other night they were talking about it (adam is making more than housewives and the g.i.c. (i'm not elaborating on that on the blog). reunions are something that many dread, so i understand not wanting to go.

this woman had another solution. she sent a stripper in her place. pretending to be her. and a crew to document it. the stripper was well trained in the girl's history, and had a small earpiece to be fed more info.

the reactions were mixed. check out the video for the documentary that was made, and make sure you read the original article as well.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

pt. loma sunset

just so no one thinks i'm suffering from being away from my beloved fresno, here's the view from the pt. loma university cafeteria where i dined this evening.

sunset over the ocean. nice.

musings on a thursday afternoon

so, i'm in san diego for the next few days. not a bad place for the job to take you. however, most of it will be spent at a track, so it's not like i'm taking in the scenes of san diego. however, i will still be blogging.

a bit of fresno business to take care of. this is the sign on the door of the laughing buddha. i went to try them out the other day, and mike oz alerted me to the possibility of them being closed. he was right.

we stopped for lunch today @ a souplantation in santa clarita (i think, we took the magic mountain parkway). saw this @ the start of the line and it made me think about pronunciation.

do you pronounce that saneegiser? sanigizzer? sanig-izer? what do you think?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gavin newsome for governor

this is a bad idea

i don't think i disagree with all of his politics, but i do dislike his personna. and, i don't really want to see months and months of commercials akin to the ones that prop 8 used featuring newsome.

Monday, April 20, 2009

nike naked running camp

i'll be the first to admit that i'm not a big fan of nike for various reasons. over the last decade i've reluctantly owned a few pairs of nike throwing shoes, and they are pretty good. those of you that know me well know that i'm an adidas brandwhore. so, it pains me a little to admit that nike does make good advertising (and maybe even decent shoes).

i'm glad that they used elite athletes for this, and not just your average joe. frankly, i doubt many want to see a fourty year old dude with a beer gut jogging up a hill.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

rules of facebook etiquette

some people just don't know how to behave on the electric friendship machine. the fine people over @ yourtango sponsored this video to help us all behave appropriately.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

malcolm sosa @ tokyo garden

if you're looking for something to do saturday night, aside from the film festival, ufc fights, or a ton of other things, you can check out malcolm sosa from rademacher playing solo with primer skyline & others @ tokyo garden.

or you can be like me and do several of those things. that's right, i'm bragging that i can manage to do two things in a night.

maybe i will manage to remember to finally pick up the r.i.p. gardenside e.p. from rademacher.

national record store day

national record store day for real this time (not a month early like i thought before). in honor of this day, i'm going to stop by spinners and peruse their selections, and perhaps purchase something.

how to make a baby

not sure where babies come from? here's a handy instructional video

Friday, April 17, 2009

my first dictionary

oh my, thanks to neatorama i have found the bestest online dictionary, my first dictionary. awesomely hilarious. here's an example:

fresno grizzlies game 4/16

last night i went to the grizzlies game thanks to free tickets from fresno famous. thanks fresno famous. it was my second game of the new season, and sadly it was the second time i saw the grizzlies lose.

the night started with a quest for food. this time i tried the bbq nachos from the meat market bbq stand, located sort of behind first base on the concourse. they were pretty nice. the shredded pork was sweet and it contrasted very well with the nacho sauce and the spice of the salsa. the order is a generous portion, and i was satisfied with my dinner.

it was the first thirsty thursday of the year, so that meant cheap tecate. this cost me $2.

we had a nice view of the field.

this guy was wearing a big, stupid, foam cowboy hat that screamed "i need attention." so, here you go buddy, attention on the fresno blogosphere.

later in the night, the moths came out. big ones.

finally, there was one or two ladies in the first level that were blowing bubbles. it was pretty cool and amazing how many bubbles there were, and how they filled up the night sky.

thanks again to fresno famous for the tickets.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

baptist pastor tazed by border control

a fascinating account from a pastor about his recent (april 14) encounter with border control agents in arizona.

freedom? rights? not when the police or government agents are involved.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

50,000th visitor

okay, so deciding who my 50,000th visitor wasn't as easy as i hoped. #50,000 was from germany looking for pulp fiction images. the one before that was from some strange military isp. the one after was from italy and hit my adidas vespa post. #49,998 was in china. so, the big winner of my little prize (yoshi now gift certificate) is...#49,997!

and, i'm pretty sure that the winner is...eli reyes. why do i think that? well, i talked to him last night, he said he was trying to win, the hit came pretty late in the evening, and the out-click was a picture i took of him from saturday night's fay wrays show.

if i'm wrong, let me know, but as it stands, i'm declaring eli reyes my official 50,000th visitor.

Monday, April 13, 2009

slap chop & shamwow in spanish

dude, vince shlomi is bilingual! now if he can just avoid hookers biting his tongue.

i miss the "you'll like my nuts" line not being en espanol.

do spanish speakers think germans make quality products?

thanks to superpunch.

travis vick - the goat ep

last august i saw a fabulous musician play a show at tokyo garden. this doesn't surprise me, as they are often really good shows there. anyway, i enjoyed the show, especially the music of travis vick. i liked it so much i wrote up a little review that you can read here.

anyway, a little while ago, probably a few months ago, i received and email from travis asking for my address because he wanted to send me a copy of his new ep. and he did, which was super cool of him. i've intended to review it here for quite some time. well here is that review.

the ep is five songs, which is pretty standard ep length. actually, it seems a lot of the ep's i see lately are three or four, so five is nice.

onto the songs:
track one - box - a gentle, simple song about the box where mementos of a past love are kept. the song has a nice alt/country feel, a sound which i quite enjoy.

track two - pagemakers - this song reminds me of something from the 60's, in a good way. a banjo creeps into this song, as well as delicate picking on a guitar.

track three - sheep skin - the start of this song actually reminds me of rademacher's road to nowhere, played on a ukulele. overall, the song doesn't do much for me.

track four - if i don't lose my mind - this song may best show off travis vick's ability on the guitar. the track features intricate sounding picking (i have no idea how intricate it actually is but it sounds nice while being complex). the picking and vocals give the track a nice depth to it. also, this song is longer than the previous three at 4min 41 secs, so it a little more time to develop and grow on you.

track five - bill - this track is 10 minutes long. i know, i just talked about a longer song being nice, so it seems odd to be wary of a ten minute song. but i worry that a ten minute song might just ramble on aimlessly. it kinda did. and that around five minutes in i'm going to be disinterested. which i was.

here's the artwork from the ep
front cover - frankly, this goat kinda creeps me out. i think it's the dual image thing. it seems like satan or something.

inside cover - mr. vick himself. when i saw him play live he really reminded me of my brother in law. this picture doesn't.

back cover - this goat doesn't creep me out. it has a nice beard. and is probably the same goat.

so, i wouldn't race out to get this ep. it has some nice touches, and reminds me of his previous work a bit, but it also takes some odd turns as well. i would like to see travis play live again, because i really dug that and am curious to see how his music has evolved live. it kinda bums me out that i didn't like the ep all that much because i really enjoyed him live, and i liked his other album, player piano.

monday haikus

easter food was nice
verenika and sausage
my belly is full

i keep forgetting
to get my copy of album
rad rip gardenside

blake jones talks to me
every time i see him around
insightful nice guy

Saturday, April 11, 2009

rademacher & the fay wrays at zapps park

tonight I had my first chance to see the new rademacher line up, or the rademacher b team as malcolm called. first thought, they're not quite polished yet. some little guitar flubs, some slight timing issues. second thought, for as little as this new line up has been together they are really good. the rademacher sound is still there and kicking. in fact, it may be a little more notched up. it's different, but very good. third thought, malcolm is a very good musician. i already thought this, but i'm impressed toale the switch to bass. it's tough to play bass lines and provide main vocals and he does it well. i'm excited to see these guys build on this.

what can be said about the fay wrays? they are everything they advertise themselves as: loud, hard and fast. and great at it. i love the mix of loud guitar that resonates under the vocals. and, eli tears it up on the drums, filling every gap just as it should be. there is no way to go to a fay wrays show without feeling the intensity of the music and leave without your ears ringing. they're not just thrash loud either. it's melodic heavy body blows.

as for zapps park, it's decent. the music gets a little mushy in such a small space, especially louder bands. it's still decent, but it's not the premier fresno music venue but alright to see a show at.

update: here are some photos of eli i took. he came from a wedding, and played both sets in a dress shirt, slacks & a tie. nice.

50,000th visitor contest

who loves you? well, i sorta do. and, i'm coming up on my 50,000th visitor since i started tracking hits on my blog. so, in honor of that, i'm giving away a $10 gift certificate to yoshi now! in downtown fresno.

let's be honest about this contest. i'll give you the certificate if i can figure out who you are. and, if it's easy for me to get it to you. i'm not going too far out of my way to make this happen. i guess i don't love you that much. but, if i can figure out who you are, and you can email me your address, i'll mail you the certificate. how's that sound?

Friday, April 10, 2009

fresno grizzlies season opener

little write up over here about my experience @ the season opener for the grizzlies last night. why not check it out?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

fresno culture

today i was talking about culture to two groups. we discussed what culture was in general, what characterized american culture, and what characterized the culture of fresno/the valley. two interesting lists developed. i didn't prod, or prompt the lists, although i did condense some phrasing. these lists basically developed on their own, from the group.

list one (typed version below):

for those of you that have trouble reading my chicken scratch handwriting, that's:
std's (specifically chlamydia - i guess we lead the nation in that)
teen pregnancy
-fresno state athletics + band
-"aggressive" police
-fulton mall (okay, i suggested this one)
-distinguished high schools
-swap meet/malls
-religious variety but also bible belt
-the chuck (even if they called it grizzlies stadium)
-tower district

list two:

-dirty air
-nothing to do
-teen pregnancy
-arts - arthop, tattoo expo
-hot weather, cold weather, fog
-fresno state school + band
-the chuck' (once again called grizzlies)
-aggressive/model police
-farmer's market
-"hick"/small town mentality
-fresno fair

i thought it was interesting that two groups would have some similar visions of fresno. both groups were around 20 in size and most are under age 25. both lists tend to be a little more negative, but they're also pretty frank assessments. but, they started me wonder, what are the positive elements of fresno culture? what's your take on the lists?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather

Happy Birthday to my wife, Heather. I hope you have an enjoyable day.

Monday, April 06, 2009

monday haikus

the rumbling is true
fresno blog scene at war
join the army now!

n c 2 a game
tonight at hero's downtown
tipoff is at six

enjoy your life now
enjoy your life tomorrow
just enjoy life soon

Sunday, April 05, 2009


forget microblogging, i'm ready to nanoblog. this is the next big thing...flutter

who needs vowels?

ncaa championship meet up

interested in meeting up for the men's basketball championship game? click over here and see a fresno option.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

tauntaun sleeping bag

i love think geek. seriously, i wish i could just spend money on the crazy crap they have.

i'm sort of considering this for my eldest nephew

Product Features

* Classic Star Wars sleeping bag simulates the warmth of a Tauntaun carcass
* Built-in embroidered Tauntaun head pillow
* Glowing Lightsaber zipper pull
* Great for playing pretend "Save Luke from the Wampa" games
* Teach your children about the best Star Wars movie ever
* Fully Licensed Lucasfilm™ Collectable
* Fits children (and small adults)
* 100% Polyester construction, Machine washable
* Exterior Dimensions - 32" x 60"


ah crap. i just saw on some blog that think geek did this as a april fool's joke. however, they are trying to actually get it licensed, some maybe it will work.

turtle eating a pigeon

that's right turtle, you teach that flying rat a lesson. drag it off to its watery grave.

thanks neatorama.

wilkinson sword: mow the lawn

ah, saturdays. a day for many to go and mow the lawn. why not click over here and enjoy a funny video about mowing the lawn. i don't advise you watch it at work, or if you think that slightly risque humor is inappropriate.

Friday, April 03, 2009

mcc sale time in fresno

as usual, it's another busy weekend in fresno. there's tons of live music, there's roller derby, and there is the mcc sale over @ fresno pacific.

i've blogged about the mcc sale in the past, but it's always good to throw things out there. the sale, which is actually called the west coast mennonite relief sale and auction is put on by the mcc, or mennonite central committee. the sale & auction are used to fund the work of mcc worldwide. the sale takes place every year over @ fresno pacific.

i jokingly refer to the event as the big mennonite yard sale, but i really do like the idea of people trying to raise money and change the world. since it's a yearly event, it also takes on a family reunion type feel as well. i know that if i head over there on saturday i will see a ton of classmates, people i met before or after college, and even some actual relatives.

my favorite part of the sale is the used books. you can find all sorts of strange books, outdated ideas, and funny titles. and, you can find some really good books. some of my best art books were purchased at the sale for cheap.

others consider the food to be the best thing about the sale. i dig it, but since my wife's mennonite, i occasionally get to eat the best mennonite foods at home.

so, if you have some free time on saturday, why not head over to fresno pacific, eat some good grub, maybe bid on a quilt or something, check out the world crafts in the ten thousand villages tent, and support good works worldwide.

btw, my buddy travis oberg will be playing music @ the sale from 11:45-12:45 in the cafeteria.

there's a blog war a coming

first there was this.

then there was this.

that was followed by this.

and finally, this.

a blog war has broken out. where will you, fresno readers, fall in? will you go the establishment, the man? or will you go with the underdog?

i say follow your hearts. you've been here. support indie bloggers.

*this was cross posted here. and, it's a lighthearted joke. seriously, i'm just having some fun in our fresno blogosphere and hold no ill will towards the beehivers. we're chums.

old school lunch

so, i was thinking about hitting up one of the many new restaurants downtown, but in the interest of the bank account, i decided to make something at home for lunch. the other day, while grocery shopping, i saw a bit of a throwback item and decided that i would pick up some to have at lunch occasionally. i'm eating lunch like a little kid in the cafeteria:

that's right, fish sticks. properly eaten with ketchup. yum. these particular sticks are made by van de kamps, who have a really nice website. seriously, check out their website. the sticks themselves are alright, with maybe a little too much breading and not quite enough fish, but still decent.

fortunately, the box of 44 sticks was like $3, so i pretty much had lunch for about $1 today. and, i've got another meal or two out of the box.

adidas vespa sprint veloce

got these bad boys the other day. from the originals collection, they're inspired by vespa style.

creative fresno blender

looking for something to do friday evening? why not check out a creative fresno blender?

this month they'll be in the tower district, over @ karsh's grill (across from revue, west of teazer's). i've eaten @ karsh's and thought it was decent smoked meat (yeah, i said smoked meat). that was quite a while ago, so i can't speak to how it is now.

but, the blenders are a cool way to meet people, network, and have a drink or two. the blenders themselves are free, but drinks cost money, of course.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

saltwater merchant @ audie's olympic

looking for something to do this evening? well, how about you jaunt on over to audie's olympic and see something different. i'm a fan of loud music, but sometimes you have to mix it up. and sometimes you have to do something other than the post arthop show at tokyo. i think tonight is the night for both.

why you ask? well, my friend travis oberg, who plays under the name saltwater merchants, is playing @ audie's. he is a delightful individual, a charming man, an excellent guitarist, and has the voice of an angel. he also smelled nice last time i saw him.

travis even has his own album available on itunes (search his name) and probably tonight @ the show.

driving rant

twice today i almost got smacked while driving. both times, it almost was caused by jackholes passing me on my right.

the first occasion was this morning, on my way home after teaching my morning class. i was headed toward freeway 41 on fresno street. i was about to get in the right hand turn lane so i could turn onto bullard, and get on the freeway when this truck pulls past me...on the right. huh? i'm in front of you. neither of us is quite to the turn lane yet, and i'm starting to move that direction. that means you wait your turn.

the second time was as i was getting on 180 after my afternoon coaching. the onramp is two lanes, then goes to one, then back to two, then to one as you actually get on the freeway. i was already in the final section where it has gone back to one lane, and was behind a car. the lane is wide at this point, although it is clear that it is only one lane. and as i'm driving behind this car, a s.u.v. comes flying up past me, forcing me to slow enough to avoid a wreck and allow jackhole number two in.

during both of these incidents, the other driver happened to have their window down, so i'm pretty sure that they heard me yelling "what the hell?" at the them. i also know that they both realized that they were in the wrong because both did the hands locked on the steering wheel, eyes locked forward, no way i'm looking over when i pulled up next to them after being cut off.

and it's not like there's any chance that they didn't see me. i'm 6 ft tall, and when i'm sitting on my bike i'm not that short. add in the fact that i'm about 250 lbs, sitting on a 600+lb cruiser bike it's even harder to believe that i wasn't seen. and it's not like my bike is quite, even if it isn't bone rattlingly loud. these jackholes saw me, figured they could cut by, and i'm lucky neither took me down.


blogger olympics

dear fresnan,
i hear that you and i didn't get invited to the cool kids party this year. i wonder who else didn't make the cut?

i guess bloggeraderie is dead.

fresno derby girls

is fresno big enough for two roller derby teams?

we will soon see. in fact, we'll see this weekend because valley fever roller derby will be playing a match downtown @ the exhibit hall. can they pull anything near the 800+ that were at the notown derby match?

now, i have admit i'm a bit skeptical about how this debut match for valley fever is going to go. this isn't me hating on them or anything, this is me, someone who tries to stay fairly connected to what's going on in fresno not having heard much at all. like, zero promos for this match. not on the beehive. not on fresno famous. not on the fresno blogosphere. the only reason i knew about this team is because they had posted some comments on notown roller derby posts on fresno famous. and, i only knew they had a game because someone not affiliated with the team mentioned on famous that there was a match this weekend. and $15? a little steep. i know it's only $5 more than notown matches, and $5 more than what smog city was running, but it's still more expensive to see a team i've never seen, that i don't know anything about.

but i do hope that their match this weekend goes well, and that they bring in some more people to the derby scene.

i've also heard some rumblings about yet a third team in the works. wow, 3 teams? i know fresno & the surrounding area have enough people to support multiple teams, but are there enough people interested in roller derby to support it? i'm not sure.

here's what i would like to see: all these teams are successful and around long enough that they play each other at least once. really, let's get a match going between notown & valley fever.

black car ban & rush limbaugh lies

ah, as usual, conservative blowhard rush limbaugh is telling half truths, or perhaps even outright lies and sticking to them. you see, his website proclaimed that "tyrants want to ban black cars." rush falsely claims that california lawmakers want to ban black auto paint due to the fact that it's hotter, and will cause more people to use a/c and thus be less fuel efficient.

the problem with his claim: it's bullshit. it's an attempt to start a fire where there isn't even smoke yet. it's rush trying to say, "look at these crazies in california, interfering with your freeeedom. they're socialists."

but even in his own article, he shows how he is full of it. he gives part of what is actually proposed for cars, and here it is, "California Air Resources Board. CARB wants to mandate the phase-in of heat-reflecting paints on vehicle exteriors beginning with the '12 model year, with all colors meeting a 20% reflectivity requirement by the '16 model year."

hmm, where does that say black? oh, that's right. it doesn't. it says that we should use more reflective paint. that doesn't rule out any color, but rather pushes for paints of all colors that reflect energy.
his kicker...obama and stars drive black cars, so them crazy liberals can't even do it themselves.

but here's the truth about what the california air resources board was studying and proposing, "One solution: lower the temperature inside parked cars, thereby reducing the amount of air conditioning — and engine power and gasoline — needed to keep the occupants cool and comfortable.

CARB looked at two possible ways to achieve this: mandating the use of reflective paints that reduce the amount of solar heat absorbed by a vehicle, and requiring manufacturers to install glass with reflective coatings to achieve the same purpose."

reflective glass and reflective paint. nothing about color. and, when the air board realized that paint technology wasn't efficient enough they just went with the reflective glass coating, which adds about $30-$50 per car. not much money to keep your car a lot cooler.

*this is cross posted over @ left turn only, a new blog that i'm a co-author on. check it out.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

road to nowhere

if you see me at your show, know that i may be recording some music to share with the world. monday evening, i went to an almost acoustic show and saw rademacher frontman malcom sosa doing a few songs. it was a nice set, even though i missed part of it. here's one of the last songs of the evening, maybe even the last one

it's malcom sosa live - road to nowhere.

you can see, and hear malcom sosa live & solo on april 18th at tokyo garden. or, there's always a chance you can randomly catch him @ one of the local open mikes, but that's less likely than seeing him for sure on the 18th.