Saturday, September 24, 2011

bleed into one

over the past few years i've really gotten into watching documentaries.  i currently have a handful in my netflix queue, i have 2 on my dvr right now, and enjoy finding new ones on subjects i've learned about. the internets is good for that.

well, today the internets brought me bleed into one.  it's a documentary about Xian rock.

i will patiently wait for this documentary, since it says coming soon, but doesn't give a release date.  it looks pretty damn interesting, and it has a ton of good bands in it.  seriously.  p.o.d., mxpx, sixpence none the richer, phil keaggy, the prayer chain, zao, living sacrifice, u2, switchfoot, jars of clay, 77's, and the crucified (fresno represent!).  i grew up listening to these bands, among others, and so it will definitely take me back to my youth.  i'm just sad they don't have project 86 or sometime sunday listed, because then my heart would jump out of my body.

now, i can already tell that this documentary is coming at Xian music from a perspective i agree with, so i suppose we could say it's not a documentary in the truest, objective sense, but i'm okay with that.

Friday, September 23, 2011

the jacuzzi of comedy 9/25

This is going to be my moving away party.

Its turning out a little bigger than I planned at first.
Which is dope!

The evening will be hosted by:
Nicholas Nocketback
Featuring special musical guest:

Also performing:
Gary Lee (Visalia, Ca)
Brandie Posey (Los Angeles, Ca)

I believe in you, Fresno.


P.S. I'm moving to San Diego and I already miss you.
I'm going to see if I can work more on my stand up material
in some rooms around SD in order to grow more as a comic.
here's some additional info provided by the host, nick nocketback
"This Sunday, 8:30pm, well after thar guilty pleasure-church-is over, bring your devine ass down to Starline for comedy and a late nite-style show that'd make Conan rethink careers. Your host, me."
"It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you...without a bunch of weird shit to think about later. LETS GET IN THE YACUZZI. This Sunday. Hosted by Nicholas Nocketback. Featuring yours truly."
"Starline, Sunday, September 25th, Eight Thirty PM...A smashingly, brilliant good time. Hot liquid magma jokes poured on your face like Bisquick. Nicholas Nocketback hosts The Late Nite Jacuzzi, Starring Boney Beezly as Ashton Kutcher in Patriot Act II, This Time it's Personal." 
"Be the first in your office to say "I was there, and for Christ's sake, was I drunk, laughing, and high from sniffing pills."  Nocketback hosts the Late Nite Jacuzzi, starring Boney Beezly--9/25/2011 (8:30)
"Come witness history: Nocketback hosts the Late Nite Jacuzzi, starring Boney Beezly. Be prepared for a Late Nite Show format, comedy from taint to taint, drink deals and crushed prescription pills. Starline, Sunday, September 25th, Seacrest, Out!"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rarefrom Dubstep Throwdown

Come hear some of the newest in dubstep and nu jungle. Brought to you by bassfienz crew; valley vetran djs: hd4000 (dj odeed and dj wish), dj woody and dj orange are ready to shatter windows and make you wish you brought your inhaler.

friday night
10:30pmsaturday at 2:00am
Veni Vidi Vici
1116 N. Fulton St.
Fresno, California

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

frebby's 2011

i've been thinking about the frebby's this year for a while.  i wouldn't say that i've been thinking about it since last year's show, but i would say that i've followed it this year, and even went back and looked at some of the winners from last year.

when they announced tickets being on sale, i thought about whether or not i would like to attend this year.  to be completely honest and give full disclosure, i went last year because adam, carrie and i were nominated for fresno pub quiz.  i'm not exactly sure what category it was that we were nominated in (i think it was action or connection).  i'm not exactly sure who nominated us or how many nominations we received, but i know we (adam) did one.  i don't know how it was judged, or who won our category.  what i do know is that we didn't win.  and please believe me, i'm alright with that.  of course, i would have loved to won, but that's alright, you don't always win.  and, what we do @ pub quiz that i'm so proud of is our weekly event, and how we manage to decently interact with our attendees through the net, especially facebook.

last year, the event itself was fine.  adam and i bought tickets (i wonder if oscar nominees buy tickets?) and went to the award show at the downtown club.  they had a nice appetizer spread, and the bar was serving decently priced drinks.  we mingled with people, and i actually met a few local twitter folks i hadn't met in person.  i thought the keynote presentation was decent enough, but really, i was there to find out if we won.   i would imagine that is what all the nominees wanted to know.  anyway, after the event, we hung out for a little bit more and then took off. 

like i said before, the event was fine, but it's an awards ceremony.  i 've been to plenty of those through my academic and athletic careers.  i've won some, lost some, but in general, an awards show is only so fun in my opinion.  i don't know if i've ever met someone that said they just love to go to award shows, even if it's not connected to them at all.

so, when this year's event was announced, i decided that i probably wouldn't go.  when i heard the price of admission had gone up, i was less inclined and pretty sure i wasn't going.  since none of the stuff i do on the 'net were nominated, and i didn't nominate myself for the blog, podcast or pub quiz,  it pretty much sealed it that i wasn't going.

but something interesting happened today on twitter.  roque of asked via twitter, " So besides the award show, what other things should people expect on Thursday? Trying to sell some coworkers on attending."  he also tweeted about how he was going, but again, was trying to convince new people to go.

rightly so, @frebbyawards replied, " the main focus is the awards, of course, but there will be fun booths to browse upstairs & an afterparty at ."

@alisa_m, who works for paprika studios (who puts on the frebby's) also replied, " I would also add that it's a great way to get introduced to people heavily engaged online or in the business doing cool stuff."

being me, i stuck my nose in where it probably doesn't belong and asked "no dis intended, but can anyone not connected to frebbys give reasons why ppl should go?"

i received two responses.  the first, was from @abelopez and i'm only assuming that it was in reply to my question, " *crickets chirping* (I'm getting a lot of use out of this today)" because it was pretty much right after.

the other was from someone who has a protected account, so i won't say who it was, but here's the tweet, " good food, good presentation, great group of the most creative folks in time." - i'm assuming town was meant there at the end.

one of the other people behind paprika studios and the frebby's, james collier (whom we've had on the podcast, speaking about paprika & the frebbys)  replied, "beautiful - thanks (name redacted)."

james also tweeted, "@brodiemash I can only speak as someone connected to the event, but several of your peers were nominated"

i dunno, that answer just doesn't do it for me.  why would a non web designer go?  i mean, i can get good and network at a lot of events.  i mean, creative fresno has blenders every month, and has a bartender challenge, featuring my anonymous twitterer as one of the bartenders, tonight.  there is flyp, putting on events.  we have art hop.  the beehive consistently puts on great events were people can come, meet up with the creative/cool folks in town, and on and on.  why would i want to go to an awards show?

let's throw some more stuff into the mix:
  • the fresno internets has their "cool kids."  the top blogs, the ones that get links on other blogs, the ones that either are the new hot shit or the tried and true cool ones.  i'm not bragging, but i was in that cool kids group.   i'd like to think that i still am to some extent, but i realize my blogging has gone to crap and i rarely do it, and our podcast takes off two or more months off between episodes.  not exactly the way to stay top of the heap.  to me, and this is only my opinion, there is a bit of "the cool kids of fresno's internets are going to be there, so you should be there."  i was listening to the fresnan on a recently episode of the dirty dowdy podcast, and they mentioned the frebbys, what it was and so on.  they were nominated, and going to the show.  but, they did bring up the "inner click" of the fresno interwebs: mike oz, the fresnan, james collier, travis sheridan - and how they (dirty dowdy) were outside of it.  furthering that, let's throw out another event that fresno internets cool kids routinely mock, including myself...
  • fresno magazine's best of fresno event - in no way will i defend how they pick their winners.  i have no idea how their ridiculous winners.  then again, all we know about the frebbys is that they have a panel of judges that rate each nominee on a 1-10 scale looking @ creativy + innovation, effectiveness, & expertise.  most award ceremonies are pretty subjective, and i would imagine that fresno magazine has some criteria for their awards.  but, i will defend the event itself.  the best of fresno has a ton of food samples from legitimately top restaurants in town.  they have free wine samples from local vineyards.  they had free stella artois on tap the year i went.  but, i could say from my experience that the best of fresno event is, "great food & drinks, an awards presentation, and a ton of people.  some you'd want to talk to, some you wouldn't."  honestly, i had a better time at the best of fresno awards than at the frebby's.  that isn't said to knock the frebby's.  i just had a better time.
now, the frebby's and best of fresno are award ceremonies about two different things, although the best of fresno does have a web category.  the frebbys is more specific and focused on specific web categories, and that's good - since they're a web award show.   but i'm still left at a point wondering why anyone that isn't a web designer or a nominated group would go?  and again, this isn't intended as a slight against the frebby's or any people or group.  i'm just thinking out loud here, and trying to be thorough as i work through it.  and i just don't have an answer.

what do you think?

Monday, September 19, 2011

dj woody @ veni's

we'll see if they get a digital flyer done for this bad boy, but dj woody will be spinning dubstep and more over @ veni vidi vicci's this friday night. 

cover?  who knows. time? beats me.

all i know is that we'll be over there, bouncing to the wobble wobble fuzz.

Friday, September 16, 2011


if you were going to start a blog that was going to give reviews of restaurants, what would you call it?

Friday, September 09, 2011

larry david's rules for living

i'm really enjoying curb your enthusiasm this season, and always love to see larry's somewhat annoying takes on life.  well, someone put together a little video compiling those rules.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

skrillex - first of the year

i've posted dubstep songs here before (although what do i know, maybe it's just electronica or something), and i'll probably do it again after this one. i really dug this song, and the video is freaking amazing.
Skrillex - First Of the Year (Equinox) from HK Corp on Vimeo.
so, what have we learned? don't mess with demonic little girls, especially if you're a pedophile.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

marc maron on his wikipedia page

i really enjoy marc maron's wtf podcast. really, if you listen to podcasts and aren't listening to his, step your game up. here's marc maron breaking down his wikipedia page with wbez.

Marc Maron fact-checks his Wikipedia File with Justin Kaufmann from WBEZ on Vimeo.