Thursday, December 31, 2009

some things can't be reversed

hey, if you're out and about tonight, be safe. if you're drinking, call a cab. if you're not, be careful because a good % of the other drivers probably haven't been as responsible as you.

me, i'm going to be walking on a closed street. see you in 2010.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i'm on a mac

lonely island did their video "i'm on a boat," with t-pain, which is somehow nominated for a grammy, and of course it has spawned parodies. i saw this one today i enjoyed it enough to share with you

one of my favorites lines was, "i'm on a tandem fixie and it's 64 bit"

and, yes, i'll keep drinking my mac kool aid, thank you.

Monday, December 28, 2009

r.i.p. allen guenther

just received this email notice

"Dr. Allen Guenther
Funeral Memorial Service
December 30, 2009
Fellow MBBS Alumni,

Dr. Allen Guenther passed away on the morning of December 23. His wife, Anne, and all their sons, Ron, Barry and Michael, were present the afternoon before to spend time with him. The family is grateful for the goodness of God in Allen's life and in his passing. Allen has lived with Parkinson's disease for many years, his character and intellect shining through to the end. Dr. Guenther, a Professor of Old Testament, was honored as a faculty emeritus after his retirement.

The memorial service will be held at Butler Church this Wednesday morning, December 30, at 10:30 a.m. Butler MB Church is located at 4884 E. Butler Ave., Fresno, CA 93727-5093. Telephone:
(559) 252-3741. Former Presidents Elmer Martens and Larry Martens will be conducting the memorial service and offering the eulogy. You are welcome to attend."

i had allen for several classes in seminary, many of them with just another student or two. allen was a great scholar and mind, and as a student it was obvious that as he battled parkinson's he struggled with the difficulty to let all of his wealth of knowledge out to us. i appreciated every class, and am thankful to have learned from such a great guy. my condolences to his wife and family.

monday haiku

on vacation now
headed to las vegas soon
new year poker face

star wars/a team mash up

every time i see a sorta nerdy/internet-y/tv related video i try and check to make sure that the gents over @ the dumb drum have put it up yet. sometimes i don't, but i thought i would today. they didn't have the mash-up up yet, so here it is

i saw this over @ laughing squid, so props to them for putting me on it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

pork new york

a long while back i discovered the new york steak. i loved the thickness, the flavor, and that it was on the menus of most decent restaurants. i occasionally buy a maxx pack of them and cook them up at home.

well, somewhat recently i discovered that food maxx (i assume other grocery stores do as well) carried a pork version of the cut. i thought i would try them out, especially because the pork versions are a lot cheaper than the beef versions. i like pork, and a well cooked steak is always a great eat. sometimes i whip one up for lunch, sometimes dinner, pretty much whenever i'm feeling up for it. generally, i broil the steak (beef or pork) because it's relatively quick and if i'm just doing one for me it seems like such a pain to go out and fire up the grill.

tonight was such a night. i tend to vary what i put on the steak. sometimes it's a pappy's rub, or just pepper or whatever looks interesting at the time. tonight, i crushed up some dried oregano, salt, pepper and a little garlic powder. i put a little bit of olive oil on the steak and then rubbed on my mix. then i popped it under the broiler. i use a meat thermometer and it takes about ten minutes to get to a safe level of doneness but still will be moist. i flipped the meat at the third and seventh minutes.

now, i was going to also cook up some mushrooms to go with the pork steak, but it seems my mushrooms had gotten a little moldy. d'oh! i couldn't quite figure out what else we had in our fridge that would go nicely. i decided i would heat up a tortilla that i would put down on the plate to soak up the juices and what not from the pork. i also put a little bit of a1 sauce on the steak.

i'm happy to say that it all turned out very well. the flavor from the rub was rather nice, and the little bit of a1 worked well. i was very happy that i had the saucy tortilla to cap off the meal.

a post for the sleepover disaster

Saturday, December 26, 2009

senator lindsey graham on african americans

so, it's not a long clip, and it's obviously not all of what senator lindsey graham (republican, south carolina), but i do like that he talks about his state having 12% unemployment and 31% african americans. because, you know, these things go hand in hand.

you go, lindsey!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas

enjoy your holiday with some festive music played on beer bottles.

more info here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

updates on soccer issues

let me throw out a few questions to those that are interested in a jaunt down to los angeles to see u.s. vs honduras:

1. if we went to that game, would you also want to go see u.s. vs mexico on feb 24 (if that game happens - it's not confirmed yet, & it's rumored for the rose bowl)?
2. would you risk seeing no game @ all if we didn't go to honduras game in an attempt to go to potential mexico game & it doesn't pan out?

so, answer those in comments.

just so you know, i've been in contact with american outlaws regarding possible other member in the fresno metropolitan area. trying to see if i can at least get an idea of how many there are, if not actual email addresses or something. so, you should sign up and help us get the ball rolling. snazzy t shirt, bandanna, info on upcoming matches, discounts on flights, parties at games, it's the shiznit.

Monday, December 21, 2009

monday haiku

weekend update was
the only good snl
sketch this week, shocker!

Friday, December 18, 2009

conservatives love rape

enoy two minutes of the conservative media using the term rape

Thursday, December 17, 2009

jersey shore nickname generator

so, i've fallen for the despicable show that is mtv's jersey shore. the people are all terrible, i have nothing in common with them, and yet i find myself strangely drawn to their world. any way, i heard about a jersey shore nickname generator and had to find out my name. i enjoyed it so much that i entered the names of friends slated to join me in vegas for new years.

ed stewart = e train

edward stewart = bones

heather stewart = the tan-trum

heather wiens = the marissa tomei of the bronx

jacob anderson = the impact

becky anderson = sunny

brian mcnally = natural light

justin kliewer = tan jovi

richard woody = hard hat

sara woody = the position

click over and jersey shore yourself.

bed gun rack

someone tell bill mc ewen to check this out, it's totally what he needs to buy himself for christmas.

i mean, the guy is already living in enough fear that he's arming himself, why not have a gat by your side at every moment?

blondie we three kings

you go, debbie harry.

blondie, still rocking after all these years and slated to release a new album soon. i doubt it will touch heart of glass, one way or another or rapture, but here's to hoping it will be good.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

u.s. vs honduras 1/23

so, who wants to go to the home depot center with me on 1/23 (it's a sunday) to watch the usmnt vs honduras. i saw these two teams play in salt lake city, but it's likely that the u.s. team will have a different look and it should be fun. gametime is 6pm, and i think tix start @ $26 but i'm checking to see if there's any rooting sections for american outlaws.

UPDATE: so, here's what i know - american outlaws tix are $36 for members, $41 for non. and, it doesn't seem like i can buy member tix @ for nonmembers. so, one option would be for everyone who's not a member to buy a membership ($15) and move us closer to a fresno chapter. if not, the other option is finding the best, cheapest seats we can, which are done first come, first served basis.

but, i know the a.o. section will be rockin.

"These are supporter section tickets for the USMNT game at the Home Depot Center on January 23rd, 2010. These tickets are in the Supporters Section which is all standing, all singing, all passion."

"We will be announcing pregame/tailgate/postgame party information on our site as those plans are finalized."

rwandan grand prix

funny stop motion video done by matthew harding and orphans of rwanda.

if you're looking for an end of the year giving opportunity, click on the link above and help out orphans of rwanda. here's their mission:
"Founded in 2004, Orphans of Rwanda, Inc. (ORI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting orphans and vulnerable young people in Rwanda who have been affected by the 1994 genocide and diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. ORI’s principal mission is financing university education and related training for young people who, against tremendous odds, have completed secondary school and scored highly on university entrance examinations."

Monday, December 14, 2009

coconut carrying octopus

amazing footage of an octopus that uses a coconut shell for protection/hiding out.

i am somewhat dumbfounded by this. i mean, how does an octopus figure out how to hide in a coconut shell, and then decided to carry it about for future use? wow.

secret driving tip

i'm not sure when or where i picked up this tidbit of secret knowledge for driving, but i did. really, it comes in handy every day, especially if you drive on the freeway. here it is:

you can take your foot off the accelerator (gas) without putting it on the brake.

i know, it's shocking, but true. in fact, your car will slow a little when you perform this maneuver, allowing you to create some distance between you and the car in front of you without causing the people behind you to apply their brakes.

i especially recommend the safe application of this secret technique during rush hour or evening traffic when people seem to be much more prone to reactionary over-braking.

monday haiku

clear forecast today,
why did i get rained on then?
dang you doug collins!

Friday, December 11, 2009

ruben's barber shop

i used to have my hair cut by a friend that worked in a local salon. eventually, she moved to a different salon that wasn't convenient for me. i decided i wanted to connect with a local (tower) barber shop and start going there.

first on my list was covenant barber shop. they're across from audie's olympic, and seem to be sorta rockabilly, lots of tattoos type of guys. nice guys, and i had a decent haircut for $10. anyway, i went there a few times and then just got lazy, and the last two haircuts were my and my clippers.

today, i was in need of a clip, and figured i would give ruben's baber shop a chance. they are located across from b of a/livingstones/starline(s) on fern. my brother has been going there, and he has seemed happy with them. i walked in (not an appointment) but that wasn't an issue at all. there are four stations, and three of them had clients in chair on a friday afternoon. i was third in line, so i knew i'd be waiting a little bit. they had espn on, and the wait wasn't terrible.

once in the chair, the haircut went along quick enough, and ruben, the barber i had today, paid a lot of attention with the razors. actually, i was watching another barber work before i got my cut and it seems that all of the barbers are very skilled with the trimmers and pay a lot of attention to detail. ruben was also very skilled with the scissors (on top). finally, one of my favorite things about many people practicing old school barber skills is that they use hot shaving cream and a straight razor on your neck and around the ears. awesome feeling.

they offer signature cuts for $16, hot shaves w/towel for $20 and the basic cut, which i got, is $12. not too bad at all. and, i'm very happy with the cut and experience so i'll definitely go back there.

ruben's barber shop
-old fashioned luxury-
812 e. fern,
fresno, ca. 93728
tues-fri 9-6/sat 8-4

Thursday, December 10, 2009

creepy creeper

holy crap, this is super creepy. i remember seeing a story once on dateline or one of those shows about people that secretly live in your house (phrogging) and thought it was crazy. today, over @ boing boing i saw this video and wanted to share.

here's more info.

many of the commenters on the site are calling the vid a fake, and they seem to have some valid points. having said that, it's still a super creepy thought.

it's not easy being (a) green (revolutionary)

not to make light of the situation, but here's kermit lending support to iranian protesters in their struggle for democracy.

really though, i hope that iran moves towards a free, democratic society

Monday, December 07, 2009

monday haiku

i made fantasy
playoffs in the blogger league
who will be king dork?

u.s. vs honduras 1/24?

here's an email i received and thought i'd pass onto you with giddy hope:

"If this story is true then we are on (it's in Spanish) for January:

Rough translation:
"Already we're working on dates and the first one will be against United States on Sunday January 24th at the Home Depot Center", confirmed yesterday by the president of the Fenafuth (Hounduran Soccer Federation), Rafael Callejas.

Los Angeles Chapter A.O"

Friday, December 04, 2009

evoultion of the hipster

as i was browsing teh internets yesterday i saw this picture and thought it was very funny. it's a take on the evolution of the hipster culture, for both males and females. click here to really see it in detail, to read all the funny quips, and enjoy. here's a small version.

what really sold me on it was the last male, who really reminded me of boney beezley of the argyle pimps (who are playing in visalia tonight, btw). i mean, the mustache alone gets that nod, but boney was telling me he wanted to wear more v-neck shirts the other day. i'm not making fun of boney at all, but it just made me chuckle.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

make divorce illegal in california

if you supported prop. 8 in the 2008 election because you felt it strengthened (hetero)marriage, you need to get in touch with john marcotte and sign his position.

because really, if that's why you were against homosexual marriages and you aren't for doing something that actually (legally) strengthens straight marriage, i would like to know what you're about.

novembeard finale

so, it's december 1 and i figured i would let you see what the novembeard morphed into. it ain't quite the colonel, but it's close

for some reason it's reminding me of the lead singer of the killers. maybe because it's creepy looking.

i figure i'll rock this for a few days and then it'll be gone.