Wednesday, January 31, 2007

wha? what's going on?

got to looooove over reactions from idiots. hmmm, somebody puts up lite brights in a several large cities. then, someone thinks they're a bomb, despite the fact that they are freakin lite brights. and then, they artist responsible gets arrested. oh yeah, how about this quote, "The company said that they have been in place for two to three weeks in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and Philadelphia." two weeks! way to notice those dangerous bombs. and now the mass. attorney general is involved. sheesh. the devices had parts consistant with an improvised electronic device (ied). except for that explosive part. so, it had l.e.d. lights, some wires, a circuit board. if i left a computer under a bridge, would they think that was a bomb too? oh, it also pisses me off that they keep referring to this as a hoax. it wasn't a hoax. there were no bomb threat call ins, it wasn't supposed to be thought of as a bomb. it is guerrilla marketing. not pretend bombs.

cause, you know, aqua teen hunger force is the real problem in society. kinda like bush focusing on excessive corporate payoffs instead of, you know, that war. and surprise, the "businessman" that couldn't run a baseball team sides with business. (okay, i think businesses should decide how they payout people, not the government too. but still. hey, how about that whole, war's over, we won deal?)

(getting annoyed. need to breathe. think happy thoughts. motorcycle. smile.)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

yep, that's about it.

not too much to say. just putting up a little post to let you all know that i'm still alive. teaching, track, and motorcycle riding is about what i've been up to.

thursday night is art hop, for those interested in checking out art. some of my paintings will be up again @ tower mosaic, although i'm probably going to only be there for a little bit. i'm only sorta showing (they had a little space, needed a few pieces, so i left 3). i will be going over to studio itz because chuck mcnally is getting married. i'll tell you the story later if you want to know. also, i'm sure i'll head over to the club jinnaka area, and maybe even broadway studios. haven't been there in quite a while.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Friday, January 26, 2007

quick music hit

so, as i'm taking care of some business around the residence today, i decided to throw on some music. first, i needed to record the final countdown on my phone. yep, that's my new ringtone.

but what would i listen to after? well, i saw an album i'd downloaded from emusic this month but hadn't listened to yet. gotta put that on.

aesop rock - labor days.

this album is amazing. if i remember correctly, it's his first full length. i'll be picking up the other albums he has on emusic as soon as my monthly downloads recharge. freaking amazing. well, that is, if you like hip hop. if you care about vocal wordsmiths, you need to check out aesop. if you're concerned with getting jiggy or being a studio gangster, leave it alone.

i should also point out that heather has been wanting to get one of his later albums for a while, because she was exposed to one of his songs via m2 and really liked it. i did, too, but she gets to be the purveyor of cool for this one.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

stupid music meme

frankly, i'm not a fan of memes. usually, when i see several blogs taking them on, i tend to read but ignore. so, when adam put up his little musical history, i didn't really even give it a thought for my blog. then heather did it. then jay. then lefty. and not only did he do it, but he also called me out by name.

now, i'm no michael j fox in back the future, going stupid everytime someone calls me chicken. but, i like music. so, screw it, here we go:
if i were to describe my musical tastes throughout the years with one word it would be schizophrenic.
when i was a child, i listened to music like a child. i think i listened to oldies. but, i do remember that my step dad had styx on vinyl, and so we would always rock out to mr. roboto and look @ the bizarre photos on the album sleeve.
really, i don't remember too much music, until about fifth or sixth grade. what happened then? well, frankly, my brother had impeccable music taste. and, i, of course, got to listen to what he was listening to. so, he listened to the local college radio station and i listened to the local college radio station. so, i remember walking to school, listening to mix tapes on my walkman. songs like blister in the sun (which i loved to recount with glee when my friends in high school finally caught on to that song), bands like suicidal tendencies, and a fair bit of reggae. there was other stuff as well.

it's also @ this time that i was exposed to a few things. the first was the beastie boys. license to ill began their illustrious career that i've loved.
the next thing that came into my life around this time was metal. now, guns n roses was the introduction, and they aren't the hardest of metal, but they opened the door. within a year (junior high), metallica would kick that door wiiiide open for me.

but, at the same time i was also listening in to eazy e's first album. and the cure. and run dmc. but, metallica stuck with me through it all. i listened to other metal, and kept up with other musical genres as well, but metal was my "go to" guy. soon, i fell in love with a band out of nyc. i challenge anyone to not get amped up by the opening drums on anthrax's song "indians." anthrax, be musical innovators, created rap rock. if anyone tells you different, slap them. you could try and make a case for run dmc's walk this way, but really, that song is more a demonstration on how hip hop was sampling everything at the time, particularly rock. yes, they played it together, but it just wasn't the same. anthrax hooked up with public enemy, another favorite of mine (love politically charged music). they not only did a song together, but they went on tour together (it came to fresno but i couldn't go).

so, through high school i listened to mostly rap and metal, and some other random stuff that doesn't stick out. i wasn't really a fan of some of the big bands @ the time (nirvana, soundgarden). i did like stp though. it's also @ this time that i transitioned a bit from metal towards hardcore music. lots of the same energy, a little less noodlin about on the guitar, imho.

and then college. college is what you make of it. or something like that. anyway, in college, i started to listen to a whole bunch of other stuff. i still loved the beasties and they still weren't disappointing. but, i also started to listen to bands like the allman brothers and the greatful dead (thanks steve). i went to a few allman shows, but jerry garcia passed on before i could hit a dead show.

i also really fell in love with a little band called rage against the machine. now, when their first album came out, i didn't hate it, but just wasn't into it. whatever i was into at the time seemed more important. but by their second album i was sold. (i was very excited when rage & beasties were going to tour. then stupid mike d had to go and break his shoulder just before the tour. postponed. then rage broke up. dag nabbit.)

now, i'm not saying that my musical expansion stopped with rage. but, frankly, i've lost steam for this list. so, here's where i throw out some names of bands/acts that i enjoy:
hip hop: outkast, common, talib kweli, ice cube, jurassic five, dj qbert, dj shadow, krs one, tribe called quest, the coup, dead prez, the roots
rock: sublime, nofx, unwritten law, p.o.d., radiohead, sometime sunday, the smiths
etc: johnny cash, david allen coe, elvis, ozomotli, christina aguilara

when i look at most of those names, i see how a lot of them are big moments in my musical life. but, as i said, i've lost steam. i want to talk abou thow i got into them all, or what was going on or what each piece led to, but meh.

and, my musical library keeps growing. lately, i've been digging on astronautalis, sufjan stevens, derek webb, barzin, and rademacher. it's definately more on the indie tip.

has it been that long?

wow, i can't believe that i haven't posted since sunday. oh well. here's a brief one. i actually had wanted to post some of this the other day, but blogger was having fits and wouldn't let me.

it looks like ronaldo is headed for ac milan. the last real match i saw, he finally looked fit again.

now that it's official, there are finally stories about claudio reyna & the new jersey red bulls

this has me the most excited, gooch may be headed to chelski. score another one for us soccer!

i hope to have a more proper post either tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

new blog

umm, yeah, one can't have enough blogs can one? i've started a new blog that will just catalog my art, as well as tell where it can be seen. sadly, blogger is screwing with me today and didn't want to let me upload a photo yet. this is pretty bad as the blog will mainly be photos & description of my art. you can come visit, although it doesn't got much yet...

bulldogs, which bulldogs?

wow, it seems like so long since i've posted something new. wednesday was the last post. i'm not sure why, but i just haven't put up anything new.

today, i was reading on the bee's website and saw this article. it deals with the dilemma that the big local university is having to consider because one of the major gangs in fresno uses their logo. of course, there probably isn't any real solution. some suggested altering the logo, perhaps to "soften" it a little. but, it's not like the gangsters are going to change their name because the bulldog is smiling now or something. and, i doubt they picked up the name because of the menacing bulldog logo. it's more of an affiliation with fresno. [for those that don't know, the bulldogs (gang) are an offshoot of f14. The f was for fresno. the 14 is for n, the 14th letter of the alphabet. n refers to nuestra familia, as well as north (in spanish, too). nuestra familia is a gang that began in california prisons. (but, i think i've seen in other recent articles that the gang is now it's own entity. i don't know.)] i can remember bulldogs being associated with the gang as far back as the late 80's. now, i don't know exactly when it all happened, but i know they've been using the same for quite some time. some of my earliest memories of bulldogs athletics were in the early 80's, with the NIT victory, but i know they had the mascot before then.

the only thing that they could really do would be to change their mascot entirely. but, that wouldn't get rid of the gangsters. and, i doubt the university would be willing to change their mascot due to the cost and "branding" that they've worked hard to establish. yet, one wonders why they wouldn't if they really felt that it was a problem. many universities have changed their mascots completely because they were using terms deemed offensive (st john's redmen is an example, they're now the red storm). not that bulldogs is offensive, but if the university really wanted to distance themselves from the gang, a mascot change could be an easy step. the article mentions other universities, like unlv, who's logos were co-opted by gangs. basically, the response has been, "what can you do?" and really, that's the dilemma. if you change your mascot/logo/name, gangs still might use it. are you going to change every time it happens?

i know that eliminating the gang would be a solution. and, the police are trying to do that. but, eliminating gangs is a very difficult proposition. here's an article originally from the ap that talks about trying to do that very thing in los angeles.

what other solutions might be out there?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

astronautalis - music to check out

my buddy brian recommended the group astronautalis to me the other day. so, i picked up an album off of emusic. i am really enjoying it. it's sorta indie sounding, mix of hip hop & indie style music. i have a later album of theirs, but will soon be downloading their first release.

not a member of emusic and want to be? let me send you an invite, we'll both get more songs.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

you want to do what to the eagles?

so, during the nfl games the other day, we saw something quite funny. it reminded us of something we saw during one of the college conference championships. i recommend you start the video & pause it @ 1 second in.

fortunately, sara & woody also saw it, and we got to text back and forth, also recalling the west f'in virginia sweatshirt (mentioned earlier) that we saw while watching football @ their place.

and fox has apologized.

24 with an l all for adultery

so, i saw this story and it bothered me. i realize that many of our laws are societal norms that we have formalized, but this is going too far. although i believe that adultery is wrong, to criminalize the act is lunacy. And, for it to be challenged in court, and the 2nd highest court in michigan upheld it, sheesh.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

more footy news

edgar "the pitbull" davids, dutch international, may be headed to the usa asap. lloks like he may be headed to dallas.

i remember not too long ago people talking about the possiblity of luring ronaldo to mls. it didn't seem very likely, and it was before the new structure that allows for 2 major signings per team. but, now, maybe. the linked article throws out some big names that could possibly end up in the mls. we'll have to wait and see.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

claudio's coming home

saw earlier today on the espn screen crawler that former u.s. national team captain claudio reyna is joining the new york red bulls.

a lunch review - thaiphoon

the other day, i was talking to a friend about thai food. he was wanting to try it out, and i said we should have some thai food for lunch on saturday (before watching football). so, a couple of us went out for lunch. we first walked over to million elephant cafe. i knew that they had stopped serving lunch on weekdays, but thought that maybe they might have a weekend lunch. nope. but that's alright. so, we headed down olive towards thaiphoon.

now, i actually had wanted to go to thaiphoon, but figured that i'd check on million elephant because it's a little closer. i am glad that it worked out and we we able to make a first visit to thaiphoon.

we started out with the appetizer sampler plate (2 spring roles, 2 shrimp, 2 cheese crab crab dealies- i can't remember the actual name of the last one) served with a plum sauce. i think it was for $7. all the parts were good, but the crab won ton-ish thing stole the show. fantastic. i could eat those all night at a party. or, i'd definately have just that appetizer on its own.

all the meals came with a complimentary pepper soup. cabbage, chicken, and a little other stuff. delicious but spicy. not spicy hot, or overbearing, but definately had some kick from the pepper. but the taste was good. what made it even better was that we didn't even know we were going to have it. a pleasant surprise.

for entrees, we ordered a curry noodle w/beef, a pad thai w/shrimp, and a fried rice w/beef, broccoli, & snow peas. i think we all ordered medium (none of us wanted to weep right away from ordering some crazy spicy dish.)
-the curry noodle - came with a coconut curry sauce. it was mildly spicy, but did provide a bit of warmth on the tongue. overall, i think this was the best dish of the three. the beef was nice and lean, and worked well with the noodle.
-the pad thai - good, shrimp wasn't overcooked. the person that ordered it thought it was spicy, but the other two of us that it was fine. in fact, i think it could have used a little more kick. but, the combination of flavors was nice.
- the fried rice w/beef, etc. - i think this was the weakest link of the meal. it tasted fine, but it just didn't stand out. it really could have used more heat to it. my buddy that ordered it tried two of the different hot sauces on the table, and felt it was best with the really spicy one. i tasted the dish as well and thought it was good, but it just didn't stand out.

overall, we really enjoyed the food. everything tasted good and we were all happy with what we had ordered. i think we would recommend the spicier rice though. the portion sizes excellent as well. at first, i thought it looked a little small, but as we dished it all out it was actually quite a bit of food. we also had two sodas and a beer. i didn't ask, but it looks like they don't have their full liquor license and just had beer and wine to offer. i also appreciated the decor. very clean looking, with nice etched glass. i'll definately go back, and would love to have dinner there with some friends.

(this is also being posted on my fresno famous blog.)

Friday, January 12, 2007

a post for heather & sara

you two should read this. i'm not saying no one else should read it, but i think heather might appreciate it. and sara, well she asked me about it one time, so i thought she might like to read it as well.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

quick hit

i see on the fuego website that fuego is supposed to be playing the armenian national team next wednesday (jan 17) @ chuckchansi park. anyone want to go? i do.

beckham, my darling, i love you.

you may or may not have heard, one of the most recognizable people in the world is coming to los angeles, to play for my favorite team. beckham is joining the galaxy, for the next five years. and, he actually turned down a contract w/real madrid (my international favs) to come to the states. why?
"There are so many great sports in America," the former Manchester United star said. "There are so many kids that play baseball, American football, basketball. But soccer is huge all around the world apart from America, so that's where I want to make a difference with the kids."

pretty cool. wants to come to the u.s. to raise the profile of the game. sweet. he'll be here in august.

sadly, the fuego (our local side) aren't playing the galaxy this year. unless, they run into them in the u.s. open cup.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

another new hat?

that's right, i got another hat today. it's a summer version of the homburg, or godfather, hat. it's a straw/wicker type weave, that'll be great for track meets and pool parties.

heather says that it's a bernie mac or cedric the entertainer hat. and that's her showing it off.

Monday, January 08, 2007

we win

new data is coming out, and hybrids are worth it.

what i did this weekend

this weekend i took a class (like jay commented recently, i'm a classy guy). the class i took was a motorcycle safety course. it started friday night @ 6 and finished up sunday @ noon. it wasn't through obviously. four and a half hours on friday night, and then from 7 to noon on saturday and sunday. the class was fairly enjoyable, and by the end i felt pretty comfortable on the bike i was riding. the class is for beginners, which i am, and teaches all the necessary skills to be a safe rider. it also tests you on those skills, and if you pass, you don't have to take the driving portion of the dmv test.

in the test portion of the day, there are four sections. each section is graded, and you can miss a total of 20 points and still pass. umm, yeah. i missed 19. which isn't really as bad as it sounds. in the first two sections i was perfect. in the third section i missed 4. but that fourth section, that one almost killed me. well, it would have failed me had i already not done so well. max deduction, 15. basically, it was a turning deal @ speed. you had to get up to a speed, slow using both brakes, enter the turn @ a safe speed. you couldn't go outside of some lines, or decelerate after your initial slow down. well, i did fine, but should have slowed a little more before entering the turn. i got outside of the lines, and in an effort to try and recover, what did i do? decelerate. as soon as i did it i knew i was screwed. but, again, since i had done so well on the previous sections i still managed to pass my test. now i just need to go and take the written test and i'll have my motorcycle certification.

this weekend was my first opportunity to wear what i got with Xmas money. yep, i wore my helmet. i had also bought some gloves, but one of the seams was coming out the first time i wore them, so i went to exchange them. unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they didn't have my pair in stock. so, i found some others. i'm not as excited about the look, but i actually prefer the overall fit. although i like the new gloves, i was slightly saddened because they're a different company than i had, and i was planning to buy a jacket from the original brand. it's not some sort of obsessive/compulsive deal, but i do like matching brands. but, it's not like the new gloves or the jacket that i wanted had obtrusive labels, etc., so it won't be a huge deal that they're not the same. maybe you noticed i said had wanted. that's right, i bought a jacket while exchanging gloves. while in the shop, i figured i'd look @ coats, mainly to see if the one i wanted was on sale. it wasn't, but it was a lot less than i thought it was. fortunately, heather was there with me, so i asked if it would be cool to shell out for the coat right now (nothing better than coming home after a big purchase and having to explain spending a chunk o' change unexpectedly). she was fine with it, so i found the right size and made it happen. this was actually a little harder than it sounded. i'm sort of in between sizes. one size it too tight with the liner in. but fits well without the liner. the next size up fits good with the liner in, and has a little looseness with it out. so, i went with the larger one, because in cooler months i want to have a liner in, as well as layers underneath. the smaller wouldn't have afforded this (unless i lost some weight, which i'd love to do but there's no guarantee). but, the place i bought it from has an awesome return policy. they'll let you return anything, for any reason, for a year, assuming you don't screw it up. so, if i somehow need that smaller jacket, i can return the old one without any sort of restocking fee and get the newer, proper size.

man, i'm impressed with technology these days. the gloves have kevlar on the palm, carbon fiber on the knuckles for protection. the coat, it's got freakin' titanium in the sleves (forearm, elbow caps, and shoulders). these aren't some wimpy inserts. they're hard core protection. which, i'm happy with because everyone that rides tells me that eventually you will take a spill. at least i'll have protection. the coat is approved to higher, tougher european standards.

so, now i'm only a little ways away from rejoining the world of motor vehicles.

btw, i'm wearing the coat right now. want to break it in a bit so it's comfortable when i ride.

so, that's most of what i did this weekend. i also watched ewoks:the battle for endor with heather, nick, kendall, kasey and potter. and a little bit of football.

rogue 2007

i changed my rogue link to the right, so i thought i'd put their snazzy banner here again.

Friday, January 05, 2007

unexpected blossoms on the flower

last night was a very good night for me. first of all, it was the end of a term that i was teaching. so, i knew i would be finishing up my current night class. i didn't mind teaching nights, but i know i prefer to sit at home at night and watch tv with my wife.
the next thing that had me excited was my impending art show. i always enjoy art shows, but this one would be different. it was my first group show, as well as first show without serving wine. these both bring different dynamics. for a solo show, i know that if people come in, they're only seeing my stuff, and i don't have to feel like i'm rushing them, or stopping them from seeing other artists. with the wine, i usually hang out near the wine because i know people will go there. it's an automatic entrance for me to say, hey, i'm the artist, would you like some wine? do you have any questions? so, i knew this would be a different challenge.
so, as the night went on, i tried to force myself to interject myself into people's conversations to let them know that, yes, this was my work and i'd be happy to answer any questions. you may not know this, but this isn't the easiest thing for me to do. i love talking to, and meeting new people, i just hate having to introduce myself. i prefer someone else to say, "hey, this is ed, blah blu ble blah blah." then, i'll talk all night or whatever. but, i just tend to stand @ the edge of the crowd if i've got to introduce myself.
fortunately, i introduced myself to the right two people. within a few seconds, i had answered a question or two, and then they hit me with the good stuff. "i'd like to buy that piece."

sold! this is a piece titled drip. it's oil on wood, i think it's 6" 18" (i should know the dimensions but whatever).

this is my newest piece, and frankly, i wouldn't have thought it would sold before pieces that i enjoy more, and maybe think are better. but it did. so, this was the first unexpected blossom.

the next blossom came later in the evening. after my show, i went to work. the class finished up well, i entered my grades and what not, and was out. next on the agenda was a little show @ tokyo garden. every month, rademacher and a few other bands play. so, i try to check it out, i love live music. anyway, the show had some problems and i came home before rademacher actually went on. i figured i'd check my email one last time on the night while watching some kimmel. booyah! blossom number 2.
i've mentioned it before, i'll be teaching this semester @ the university i attended, and i was pretty excited about this. but, i thought i may only have one or possible two classes. in my email was a lovely little notice, four classes! three of them are two unit courses, and the other is a 4 unit. so, i've got some work scheduled between now and mid-june. and, it looks like only one will interfere with my job as an assistant track coach.

good stuff to go to sleep to.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the cows are freezin

real quick post i hope to get back to later:
the national guard is dropping off food for cattle in eastern colorado. this immediately makes me think of hurricane katrina and the slow response of the government for people.
my next thought is, these are privately owned animals that are insured against loss, although frequently not insured for blizzard. is it the proper role of the government to step in here? where is the line (we protect homes in fires, they are property.)

feel free to comment, if you like, before i make this into a more comprehensive and thought out post. i admit i want to get it up before it is no longer timely.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

a little plug for me

here's the email flyer we've sent out regarding the upcoming art hop. i'm pasting it here because, well, i'm one of the artists. 7 pieces showing (2 brand new, 1 redone, 4 favorites i'd like to sell).

Tower Mosaic Art Hop
Starts: Jan 4 2007 - 5:00pm
Ends: Jan 4 2007 - 8:00pm
Location: Tower Mosiac, 1040 N. Fulton, Fresno

1040 N. Fulton - In the Tower District
South of Olive between Alhambra and Elizabeth
(You’ll find us in the storefront above the Babylon Billiards Club)
Join us for our Art Hop Reception on January 4th, 5 to 8 PM
Enjoy wonderful refreshments, great conversation and live jazz!
Featuring local favorites - “The Rich Severson Trio�?

This month we are exhibiting the art of:

Adam Longatti – Landscape Artist
Born and raised in California’s Central Valley, Adam Longatti’s paintings reflect both the unique beauty and often gritty reality of life in the San Joaquin Valley landscape. The majority of his work deals with the loss of agrarian values and regional history to the impact of suburban growth on the landscape. His works reveal the aesthetic of a specific place in time yet hints to underlying forces of change.

Edward Stewart – Abstract Artist
Edward is a Fresno artist working in an abstract expressionist style. He seeks to inspire thought and emotional reflection through the depths of color and shape. His art is inspired by his life and religious experience. Edward studied art at Fresno Pacific College under Robin Dolarian and has exhibited locally for several years. He is currently preparing a show for the upcoming Rogue Festival.

Christy Cole – Visual Artist
Christy Cole is most at home with nature-based subjects and invites viewers to share her unique viewpoints. Her media of choice are graphite pencils, acrylic paints and, more recently, watercolor. Ms. Cole has garnered much acclaim for her work and has won top awards at the Fresno Fair. Her business, Round Rose Creative, caters to clients throughout California who seek custom murals and other commissioned work. She also teaches art and other subjects through F.U.S.D. and Fresno Adult School. Christy resides with her little boy and a multitude of pets in Fresno.

Marcos Dorado - Figurative Artist
This month Marcos will exhibit a stunning series of portraits of famous guitarists!

Marcos’ work represents the human figure in graphite or charcoal on canvas. He also works on paper and wood. Exhibits include Gallery 402 (NYC), Tojo Gallery (Chicago), Mission Cultural Center (San Francisco) and at the Sundaram Gallery in Santa Barbara. His art is also found in private collections around the country and he enjoys a continuous flow of commissioned portraits and nude drawings. Marcos recently received a commission for the portraits of four NBA players include Sam Cassel of the Los Angeles Clippers.