Tuesday, March 14, 2017

pi day at tony's pizza

someone told me one time that if you're trying a new pizza place, get the cheese pizza. i have no idea who told me this, but i did it tonight. i mean, i kind of knew it would be good because:
i've heard several people i know recommend it.
it's been the same family running it for like 40 years. or, maybe some new people bought it a few years back from the original but it's still the same.
it's currently running at 4.5 stars on yelp with 54 reviews.

the place for tonight's pizza, pi day edition:
tony's pizza.

located in a sorta beat up strip mall, tony's is a walk in and order or phone ahead take out pizza place. there are like three tables so maybe you can eat there? they are also cash only, which can be a pain if you let it. since i knew that, i stopped at the atm & got some cash. when i placed the order they said 20 minutes, i arrived about then and they were slicing and boxing it up. oh yeah, i ordered a medium cheese and a large pepperoni. i don't remember them quoting me a price on the phone, but on yelp there were pictures of the menu so i had an idea of what it would cost. this may be my main point of contention with tony's pizza - the pictures were accurate, they are of the menu's on the counter. however, the prices don't match up. according to the menu, my order should have been $25.50 + tax. it was $29.50. uh, what? if tax is 9.75%, that means the pizzas were $26.88. i'm fine with price increases, but adjust your menu. i didn't make a big deal about it, but i can see how it could get under someone's skin if they brought it up and didn't get a good explanation. (now that i think about it, if you're a cash only business, you need to do a better job letting people know the cost at time of order, or having accurate prices online.
now to the pizza!
the pizza is a thinish crust, and it seemed to have brushed olive oil on the crust. they remind me of mike's pizzeria, or maybe diciccos in style in contrast to a me n eds, pacifica or round table. both pizzas needed to be cut a little more cleanly, but that's no biggie, and not uncommon. the cheese pizza was pretty darn good. nice balance of cheese, sauce & crust. i added some red pepper flakes on my second piece, but in hindsight it was better just on its own. as for the pepperoni, you would think that the pepperoni would be better, since it's a cheese pizza with one ingredient. but, it just seemed okay. it was good, but not great. i would be more likely to have the cheese pizza again.

overall, i would order food from there again, and a lot of reviews say to get the calzone, and i really like those, so that may be in my future. however, i'm far more likely to call mikes or pacifica for my next pizza.