Thursday, April 27, 2006

he's just a fast food knight

so, last night we were discussing the fact that iron & wine's version of "such great heights" was on the garden state soundtrack. to which, i pointed out that the postal service version was in the movie. but, we weren't sure where. today, being the finished with seminary and nothing to do today person that i am, i said i'd watch the movie and find out.

i was wrong. they play the iron and wine version. when they're in the tub.

by the way, it says balls on your face.

dear south african homies

dear friends and family in south africa,
snoop dogg will be a little late arriving. Here's why.

friday night

here's how my friday night looks:

we'll start out w/a bbq out @ school for graduates. tim will be joining heather and i. after that, we're looking to head over to fagans for a night of great tunes. your friend and mine julia dawn is playing. the main act is a group you have got to see. el olio wolof. amazing sound, great lyrics. they're probably even on myspace. i know brian will meet us there. it's open invite, and the show is only like $5.

also, my fresno homies, there'll be a bbq on saturday @ my place. we may or may not go to the fuego game after. despite being the fresno fuego, it looks like this week's game will be played in visalia. but, there's still a chance of fresno, and me going.

Monday, April 24, 2006


after far too much procrastination, i had to pull an all nighter to finish writing my final paper for seminary. well, i hope that all assignments in yeild passing grades and it was my final paper of seminary.

in my defense, i did lose a bit of time this weekend due to no fault of my own. my intention to work on the paper while in the hotel for conference championships of track just didn't pan out. times i thought i'd have quickly evaporated. i didn't even really have the chance to waste them, they disappeared on their own.

but, i'll soon post a new video documenting how our bus got stuck.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

as easy as riding a bike v.3

so for the third day in a row i went to ride to work and school.

today's mishap: about 1/3 mile away from home (on my way), the bolt that holds my bike seat on broke in half. i was riding along, heard this creaking noices, felt the selt moving under my rear, and then stood up on the pedals. seat, and various little parts fell to the ground. so, i picked up my seat and pieces, and pedaled home while standing.

it's the bus for me until i can get rid of the gremlins tinkering with my bike.

do i feel vindicated? as adam says, "hells yeah."

justin called it karma.

i went to pick up some lunch today, and while waiting for it to arrive i perused the newspaper. a grin spread across my face when i read this story.

now, i realize that i shouldn't gloat, or be happy about someone else's failure, but here it is anyway. boo ya! how do you like them apples?

here's the backstory for those that want it.
for years in fresno, echo was known for it's gourmet cuisine. it was one of the premier restaurants in town, especially in my neighborhood. (echo is a street running through the tower). apparently, all good things come to an end, and they decided to the far end of town. they bypassed the main, glitzy area (riverpark) and took up @ an even farther north location.

this is all fine with me, and with many people in the area. sure, it theoretically has a negative financial impact on my area. but, restaurants come and go, and the tower is not at a loss for fine dining.

what really angered many in the area, including myself, was what the owners of e.coli said after they announced their move. they said, in the freekin paper, that the tower didn't draw enough high end customers anymore. that the there was too much crime in the area. people were afraid.

hmmm, how'd that north end clientele work out for ya?

oh, and rousseau, the high end restaurant that was located directly across the street, is going strong. they've recently finished their third expansion, and now have a full bar. 609 grille, your next door neighbor is doing well. well enough that the owners opened another restaurant down the street in the tower (ok, 609 is probably going to close, but the owners say its because they really want to focus all their efforts in the new place).

they only thing that i regret is that now, since you're located so far north, i won't be able to walk over and buy one or more of the frank lloyd wright chairs that you're selling as you liquidate.


wow, just emailed off some pretty large papers. one was just a final, corrected version of my senior paper that's been done for over a month.

the other was a research paper that was due last night at midnight. so, it's 2% marked down from the start. the good thing is that i'm taking the class credit/no credit and only need to get above a 70% in the course. based on previous assignments turned in, i think i only needed to get about 30% of the points available on this assignment. so, i think that's mission accomplished.

now, i just have to turn in a one page reading summary, and a twelve page paper. that twelve page one is going to be a bit of work yet. but after that, i'm done with seminary. (assuming i pass the class w/the 12 page paper due).

oh yeah, happy birthday to becky.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

as easy as riding a bike v.2

today was another good day for riding, and i took full advantage of it. i had to go to track, and it was a nice break from paper writing. good to be out in the sun, enjoying the ride, getting some exercise.

practice went alright. this week is short practices for the athletes, as the conference championships is this weekend and we want them to be rested.

the ride home was going great. for those that don't know, i travel down butler to o street, then hit some differing little cross streets until i had divisidaro. i take that to van ness, to olive, to maroa, floradora & i'm home. easy travel, usually pretty light traffic.

so, i was turning off van ness onto olive. i was starting from a red light, and there was a guy in the cross walk so i waited for him to go, and then went behind him. i'd probably gone maybe ten feet up the street and crash. ed smacks pavement. now, i'm still trying to figure out what exactly happened. i know i caught the leg of my shorts on something. was i standing up, and caught part of the handle bar? i don't know. something happened, and the next thing i know i'm bouncing off the street, trying to get up before i get run over by the cars now turning behind me. i did that, jumped back on the bike, and pedaled away. today's crash resulted in quite a few more scrapes. both forearms got scraped, my left leg and knee, and my right thigh got banged up on the cross bar.

two days in a row i managed to do something that i had avoided in the previous 6 months of cycling. this makes me wonder what will happen tomorrow. maybe i'll take the bus.

Monday, April 17, 2006

as easy as riding a bike

today was beautiful. the sun was shining, the sky was clear. it was nice and dry out, so i was happy to be able to ride my bike to school and work. i hadn't ridden in over a week due to bad weather and heather being off work (i could get a ride or take the car). it was windy, but that was only going to bother me on the ride home. it was tail wind on the way there.

it really felt great to ride. i was cruising along at a good speed, but caught two red lights in a row. not that bad, but it always stinks when you're enjoying the ride and have to wait at a stop light. and, these two lights are maybe 100m apart. at the second, i was slowly approaching, and kicked my left foot out of the clip. then, for no apparent reason, i fell over on my right side. i was completely stopped, about to put my left foot on the ground, and fell over.

fortunately, there was only one car around. the lady was nice, didn't laugh at me, but asked if i was alright. i was, and told her so, while laughing myself. i scraped my leg a little, no biggie. although, i was pretty lucky that i didn't fall and smash my laptop, which was in my backpack.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

they finally have done it.

my favorite team moved away from big bad nike.

i'm the elton john of hats

my friend shlomi said that about me when i was displaying my recent hat purchases. i'm still not exactly sure what it means, but it makes me laugh.

so, i thought i'd show off my fedora.

i bought this hat when i was fifteen or sixteen. we were on a mexico missions trip, and stopped to buy hats. most people got normal sun hats. i bought a fedora. it was like $5 or $10. at the time, i thought it was a good blues man hat. hell, i still do. the thing is, i'm not a blues man. but, i still have one fancy hat.

happy easter

hey folks,
happy easter
watch my jesus movie
or don't

Friday, April 14, 2006

conclusive evidence that Jesus was white

so, i was flipping through the channels and ran across this movie. it solved a question that had been in my mind for a long time. "what color was Jesus?" this video shows definitive proof that Jesus was white.

now, he spoke spanish in the film. it wasn't dubbed in, but was recorded in spanish. this may create a new question foor me. what language did Jesus speak?

i also took some still photos, and they're uploaded onto my flickr site.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

some photo's from jd & courtney

jd sent me two photos that courtney took on her cell.

"here is something you can't understand..."

ok, i don't know what heather is singing here. but she's having a good time dancing about.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

not fully scanned

the amazing race is down to the final five teams. pretty good episode tonight. lake and his wife were eliminated. thankfully. and, the team i have been pulling for moved up from last to third. they would have been second, but received a 15 min penalty. the frat boy team that mike is rooting for is still in first. the hippies, who heather is pulling for, are now in last. they made some pretty big errors on this episode, and are pretty lucky to still be in it. the drove the wrong way for an hour, so they were about 2 hours behind most of the teams. but, team dental work managed to get lost after the final challenge, and arrived later.

lost was a pretty good episode tonight.

guess what was back tonight...BEES! the news tonight had a story about two neighborhoods with big swarms of bees. they weren't the top story (possible flooding was). the fire department was called out to two different areas. one was about a mile from our place. so, the warm weather is to blame. really, bees are around in spring? potholes were another big story. all the rain, plus already poor road conditions bring on the potholes.

this story confirms something i've always thought. some people make bad decisions, and then keep on making them.

Monday, April 10, 2006

what to do?

hmmm, i think i've got to rename this blog. i'm about to send out some resumes. now, i don't have any problem with the content here. but, prospective employers may. so, i may go a little more anonymous here.

update - if you're here, you've figured out that i've moved and made the jump.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

the jay @ kareoke

so, i had the video originally here, but didn't like the formatting. so, here's the link:

pretty much speaks for itself.

i also added a bunch of photos from the evening on my flickr site. so, you can click on the art photo + friend photo link to the right.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

art hop today

here's some photos taken tonight while heather, adam and i went about for arthop.

check out the grass on the roof of this house by club jinnaka. there are also a bunch of no loitering, no trespassing signs on it.

although you can't see them, these are two pictures of bees. this was a "major" story on tonight's news. bees, a swarm, creating a problem. so, after we went and saw art, we went and saw bees.

we were close to wendy's and i thought, "i'd like a frosty." so, adam and i enjoyed frosties. see them in the bottom right corner?

here's the frosty in my hand. and the honda logo of our civic hybrid.

are their any rats left on the ship or have they all jumped

so, they keep biting the hand that fed them for soooo long. now, i don't blame them for testifying to what transpired, but it still surprises me that they won't take one for the team and do a little time. instead, libby told investigators that the president knew, no wait, authorized the leak of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq.

now, there isn't proof, yet, that bush also authorized the leaking of Valerie Plame's identity as a cia operative.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

plans to be considered by fresno people

hey peeps, here are some things that look good this weekend.
thursday - art hop
friday 1:30 - track meet
friday pm - dinner @ the new italian place by starline for heather's b-day. you're welcome to join us.
sat morn - mcc sale
sat late aft/early eve - video games @ adam's
sat 10 - kareoke @ tokyo
sun 5pm - i'm preaching @ tmc

mcc presale

oooh, goody, the mcc sale (which is this weekend) has opened up their bookstore for the yearly presale. picked up $19.50 in books and lp's. it's a good start, but they keep bringing out more. i'll have to check back later in the week.

i also just bought my first album from the itunes music store. now, i've been using itunes for quite some time, but never purchased any music from them. just rip'd my own previously purchased music. today, i entered the world of buying music online. good for me. way to step into a few years ago. the album you ask? well, it's none other than...

for those that can't tell, that's morrissey's ringleader of the tormentors. it was released today. maybe i'll do a full review. i think that would be the first cd i've reviewed here. but the first two songs of the album, very nice.

and, hey, i'm digging itunes music store. there are a bunch of things i've been wanting to get but could never find @ local music stores (bruce springstein's nebraska as an example). so, i'll have to really work hard to control my music purchases. i used to buy a lot of music. then, i got married, couldn't just spend $ on whatever stupid thing i felt like, and my music supply got sorta cut off. over the last 5.5 years i've bought music, and am able to do so without feeling like i'm wasting money, or pulling it away from something essential. but still, itunes makes it way to easy to buy stuff.

Monday, April 03, 2006

i'll take that in black

want to send me a gift for no reason @ all? how about this? i wear xl.