Thursday, April 02, 2009

blogger olympics

dear fresnan,
i hear that you and i didn't get invited to the cool kids party this year. i wonder who else didn't make the cut?

i guess bloggeraderie is dead.


hmac said...

Dear ed,

Mike and I know how you love to cry and whine about things, so you're welcome.

Had you asked either one of us what was up, instead of -- you know -- publicly crying and whining about it, we would have explained to you that, in keeping with the spirit of bloggeraderie, we felt it would be nice to include some of the newer bloggers that have popped up in Fresno in the last year.

Since we couldn't ask all eight of last year's bloggers to participate, we thought the fairest way to choose would be to ask the top four placeholders in the last contest. You placed sixth, right?

By the way, we did have a couple of people say they couldn't attend, and you are (were?) on our very short list of people we'd like to be there.

We wouldn't want to deprive you of having something to bitch about for the next year, though.

edluv said...

it's all good, i'm just spreading the love.

but cut the crap about not being able to ask all eight from last year to participate along with other people. what, does blackbeards only allow groups of 8? does me n ed's only want quarters from 8 people? does the beehive not know how to run a tournament with more than 8 people?

Dorktown Podcast said...

Wow, this is the first I've heard of this. I didn't think there was going to be one this year. I know I'm a big baby but this is actually kind of upsetting. Damn. I don't understand the "since we couldn't ask all eight of last years bloggers" thing either.

It's cool Ed, we'll gather the rest of the lame kids and have an "Anti Prom" that night or something. Or, just go down to the Tower District with a sober driver, a grip of cash and have our own kind of Olympics.

Adam said...

Hehehehe, stirring the shit up. I love it.

Ed and Mikey should go all roller derby and start like four more teams.

The Blogger Friendship Games?

Lulu said...

You totally got moated!

hmac said...

Sorry, Adam. Ed and I made up yesterday at Audie's. Also, we decided you're a big girl.


What now?!

Adam said...

Oh, you want it? I'll bring it.

Check my blog later.

edluv said...

you have to bring it here. but i do appreciate the name suggestion. i'd rather do blogger goodwill games though.

and hmac,
we did not make out at audie's last night. what? oh, you said made up. my bad.

moated? i always thought it as moded. although, yours works, too.

Lulu said...

Yeah I wasn't sure how to spell it and when I googled it spelled that way the right definition came up. I figured you would get the idea:)

The Fresnan said...

Ahhhh, how sweet; HMac and Ed made up. Have fun at the Olympics then.

It's a cool event, I'm sad I'm not invited and it will be much more fun for you guys without me there. Everything is.

edluv said...

don't get all butt hurt on me. hmac and i chatted but who knows who is going to be I'm the blogger olympics. and i still stand by the idea of bringing in new people...along with the established ones.

btw, i hear famous whitewater didn't get invited. and he's mcclatchy family.

Michael said...

I have a feeling the criteria is more than just new bloggers since I've been on said scene for little under a year and wasn't invited.

But hey, story of my life. Blogger olympics, the prom, it's all the same.

The Fresnan said...

[Sorry, let me lift up my skirt here....okay]

My whining just shows that Mike and Heather put together a fun event last year and that I'm a bitter old man.

But here is the thing: Half the reason I go out to shows or bars or whatever is that I know some blogger I like hanging with is sure to be there. But, for various reasons, I've missed out on a lot of that this year.

We've got a cool crew here in Fresno. And this Olympics thingy is a great opportunity to hang with everyone for a day and be at our own thing, not some bands or poets or whatever. So, I'm just bummed, that's all.

I hope everyone (but me) can be let into the BO games and it will be the great day that Mike and Heather planned. It's their gig, they can do what they want with it. I never went to the prom either, it's cool.

-The Real Little Girl