Thursday, January 31, 2008

"in a flash it was over" - story meme

mike started a story meme. he picked ten words, wrote a story using them, and tagged a few of us. so, here's my story. but first, the words:

1. pot 2. pan 3. spoon 4. fork 5. knife 6. glass 7. fire 8. water 9. light 10. sink

it was a dark, stormy night. water poured from the sky, but what we really needed was a real rain to come and wash the streets clean. as i strolled home, soaking it all in, a pan-handler accosted me for change. i let my hand sink into my pocket to see if had any. i brushed against my handy kershaw knife, and thought how i desperately wanted to plunge it into him.

"sorry, man, i don't have any. i barely have a pot to piss in."

"how about a light then?" he continued, pressing for anything he could leech.

i knew i was at a fork in the road. i could give him a light. or, i could see if his alcohol soaked body would catch fire. i decided on the latter. or was it the former. i always mix those two up. anyway, i lit him a cig and continued on.

i passed a window, and saw a reflection in the glass of someone following me.

when i woke up, i felt like someone had spooned a full serving of whoop ass onto my plate. i felt battered and bruised, but nothing was missing.

strange night. maybe someone felt i was some of the debris needing to be washed away. or maybe someone just didn't like the way i walked.

i tag kasey, malissa johnson, kelly brown, and rebecca harp.

hot mess magic

UPDATE: if you're interested in coming over to watch lost tonight, give me a call.

for those that aren't inclined to watching the tv tonight, there's a show @ tokyo worth checking out.

super bowling

you're all invited to watch the super bowl with me over @ tower mosaic. projector big screen. professional quality sound system. maybe even a couch.

hey, if you want to yell obscenities, i won't stop you (i might encourage you to seek professional help for getting so upset @ a football game though). if you want to root for the giants, okay (i might tell you you're rooting for the wrong team though).

bring a little grub to nosh on if you want.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

lost + eli stone

i'm amped for tomorrow night. it'll be a busy one, a fun one, and hopefully an exciting one. what's going on?

well, first of all, lost returns. holy crap i've been anticipating this episode since the end of last season. the whole getting off the island, plus the mix in of current jack looking all crazy and drunk and suicidal. jeebus i'm wanting to see this. it comes on @ 8pm.

but, @ 8pm i've also got something else to do. jeopardy. that's right, i'll be doing the jeopardy online try-out @ 8. here's to hoping that it leads to an audition.

and @ 10, a new show premiers, eli stone. at first, i wasn't that interested in the show. but, as i've seen ads and learned more about the show, it's intriguing to me. and, sick boy is the main character. i figure it's worth at least an episode try.

shoot, new tv is good tv. hopefully. two drawbacks to the night: first, not too excited to have to try and concentrate on the jeopardy test while lost starts. wish i had a dvr. second, eli stone comes on @ 10, when we've been trying to watch dr. drew's celebrity rehab. need a dvr. i should get a dvr.

1000th post

well, here it is, my 1000th post. wow, quite a few. i've been trying to think about what would be a good 1000th post.

let's give a little history. i owe this whole blog to justin. you see, he went abroad for a spell, and rather than mass emailing, he set up a blog. to leave comments, i needed to set up a blogger account. so, i figured i would give blogging a try. since then, i've taken to it like a fish to water. not only do i have this particular one, but i've also got my art one, and one over @ fresno famous. there is some duplication to them, but i've also got a lot to give.

here's my first post:
"so, to post on my friend's blog, i had to become a member, which ment i got one. so, i used my presumptious title that i've been sitting on until i scratch out some cash for a real website. so, hopefully, this blog will chronicle the development and rants of me until i make so, yeah.

here are goals i'm establishing for myself on this blog:
1. post at least once a weak, but not multiple times a day.
2. show pics of my art, family, friends
3. complain about tv
4. interact with your comments
5. whatever else i want to do

in the words of the passe Kool Moe Dee,
How ya like me now?"

well, i still haven't scratched out cash for my own website, and as of right now, i'm not too interested. i think i accomplish my blog goals, except for that first one. forget that nonsense. i'll give you as much as i want, as often as i can.

as i continue on, i hope to continue to improve as a writer, that my blog maintains your interest, and that i find new things to discuss. you may or may not have already noticed that my sidebar has been rearranged a little. i did that last night, mainly for me. you see, i often use my blog to navigate around the 'net, or at least some of my daily reads.

i'll continue to review restaurants, local shows, and talk about my art. and whatever else i feel like. so, thanks for being a part of the journey.

what the french, toast?

this line is from one of my favorite commercials out there right now. now, i chew orbitz gum, but not this flavor. i likes the citrus mint.

pickle you kumquat is also a great one.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

tower mardi gras 2008

wow, how time flies. this sunday is already the mardi gras parade in the tower district. the parade starts @ 1, rain or shine.

sunday is going to be packed. it's the super bowl as well. not quite sure what i'm doing for that, but it'll follow closely to the end of the parade.

and then, next tuesday is mardi gras! wow.

next thing you know it will be Xmas again.

Monday, January 28, 2008

tokyo garden is safe!

one of my favorite places in fresno, tokyo garden, almost had to close its doors. you see, they were located next to a dilapidated, old building that was condemned, although a company was trying to lease or sell it. this last weekend fresno, as well as much of the west coast, experienced some pretty good, rain laden storms.

but, these storms brought trouble as the roof of the building next to tokyo garden started (or continued) to collapse. this made the building structurally unsound, and if it collapsed on its own it could have fallen the wrong way and smashed into tokyo garden. this could have been disastrous for one of my favorite places, as well as the fresno indie music scene.

but, have no fear. the city called in a judge, the building was deemed an immediate hazard, and on saturday morning the building was razed. the deconstruction didn't even cause tokyo to take down the bottles on the wall. phew.

(here's my source story from the bee.)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

edward stewart @ the fresno philharmonic

what a weekend. as you may have read here before, i was the featured lobby artist at the philharmonic's performances. i had seen over on fresno famous that they were looking for artists to show. of course, i jumped at the opportunity, sent them an email, gave them the address for my art blog ( and they liked my stuff. so, i was in.

as i continue to show, i'm really learning a lot about what sort of questions to think about and ask. like, how's the lighting in the venue? can i adjust it? what will the crowds be like? how big is the space? what limitations do i have? fortunately, they did tell me at least how many pieces i needed bring, and that i needed to bring my own easels. even better, i know a guy that loves working with wood. so, that was taken care of.

saturday, mike, heather and adam all helped me take my work over to the saroyan theater, and heather and adam helped me get it set up. the crowds started to come in, aided by the fact that there was a little bar in the lower lobby. local musician patrick contreras was playing up above, so i think people enjoyed hearing some good music and looking @ my art. i know i appreciated talking to several people about my work.

funny thing about art, as well as music, not everyone appreciates the same things. for instance, i was talking with a woman that liked my work. but she really disliked the music. and, i'm sure it went the other way as well. heather actually overheard some people talking about how they didn't like abstract work. and honestly, a lot of the philharmonic crowd is older. they probably want nice watercolors that they can hang in their bathrooms. i don't mean that as insult, but more that different crowds will have different tastes.

sunday's show was a matinee, which meant different lighting concerns. i had to move some paintings around because there was a lot of sunlight shining down behind them, making them quite difficult to see. another aspect of today's show was that the bar, which had brought in quite a few viewers, was not open. so, foot traffic was down at first. but, patrick contreras set was moved down into the end of the lower lobby. so, once his music got going, there were quite a few people milling about, looking at the work. i was able to speak to a few people about pieces, and i had a good time.

finally, the weather was a bit of a concern this weekend. it's been raining, and i wasn't sure what i'd do if it was pouring while we were loading, transporting and unloading the paintings. it stayed dry during during the set up trip, so that was nice. of course, as soon as we pulled the truck up to load out, starts raining. fortunately, most of the pieces were going into the cab of mike's truck, but the 3 biggest ones and the easels were all headed for the truck bed. fortunately, george (sara's dad) gave mike some plastic sheeting that we used to cover the paintings for the ride home. they got a couple of drips on them, but otherwise everything made it home alright.

so, thanks to everyone who helped with the show, the people that came to it, and especially to the philharmonic for having me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

pre-show jitters

so i'm starting to bubble with nervousness for my show with the philharmonic that is tomorrow. i've got my paintings picked out, and just need to print out my artist statement and prices. my wood working chum adam has made 15 easels for me. we're less than 24 hours to go time.

saturday morning, if it's not pouring down rain i'll be picking up trash in the tower district. it's our monthly gathering of people.

saturday afternoon, i'll probably take a nap. then it's showtime!

concert review el olio wolof + sholi + castanets

well, the show was billed as starting @ 8, which seemed freakishly early for a show. of course, when i got there @ 8:05, the show was not starting...for another hour and a half. okay, whatever. not a big deal. we got to hang out and chat.

the castanets went on first, and there were parts of the show i enjoyed. they were an odd duo, and i'm not quite sure how to describe their set accurately. i dug many of the guitar parts. at times, you could really feel a sort of alt-country tinge. but, the whole set was kind of a big musical blob. and, a really didn't care for the vocals. not the sound of the vocals, just the delivery.

sholi was up next. they hail from the bay area, which really isn't that important for the description of the set. it was very good, and reminded me of radiohead @ times, brazzaville @ other times, and their own mix of it all. i was rather impressed with the way many of the songs incorporated two sets of drums. the did a song called hejrat which was originally done by a iranian singer named googoosh. this was a beautiful number, and it may have been the highlight of the show for me. i was also stoked that they were selling a 7" vinyl that had it, which i bought.

el olio, well what haven't i said about them before? to me, they are often like the music of a dream. @ other points, they continue to remind me of a tim burtonesque carnival. songs about dragons, brontisauri, tree climbers/shakers and more weave together to make a fabulous musical tapestry. i continue to be blown away by the bouncing bass lines. and r.c., that guy is nimble on his feet, as well as being a great musician and vocalist.

so, i enjoyed the night. there is just something about seeing live music performed that makes my pulse jump.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

el olio wolof plays fresno tonight!

i just saw that one of my favorite valley bands is playing tonight @ club fred.

and, it even starts hecka early for you school nighters.


1461 N Van Ness Ave
FRESNO, California 93701
PHONE: (559) 237-4026

CASTANETS (on Asthmatic Kitty Records)


8:00pm * 21+ * $5.00

This is our last Fresno show until APRIL.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

kinoki foot pads

ding dang, i've been scooped by one of my favorite sites. a few weeks ago heather and i were watching some afternoon tv on the weekend, or weekday, or sometime we were watching tv. anyway, we saw an ad that cracked me up and i knew i needed to post on it. then i sort of never got around to it.

here's the commercial from youtube

today, i saw a post on boing boing about them. they scooped me. that's alright. someone else scooped them (well, i don't know that the really scooped them since boing boing is a catalog of stuff).

you see, toxins don't really come out through our feet. they're filtered out by our liver and kidneys. which pretty much filter everything. and, even better, the kinoki foot pads cite a fake study according to wikianswers.

"Looking at it only cites testimonials, one of which references an article in the Journal of Immunity, which despite its name is not a real medical journal and is little more than a compilation of testimonials."

serj tankian does not live in bakersfield...but woody does

way back when, my wife decided, or at least pointed out how much our friend woody looked like serj tankian. it's funny, and sort of true. woody has even embraced it a little. but, as you can see in the comments of this thread, some people would like to see him play it up a little more. so, i saw this pic and thought i'd post it for woody.

rock on superstar. hope to see you soon, maybe we can play some cards.

(and, sometime this week i'll hit my 1000th post. it will be momentous.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

flowing with famous fresno blogosphere episode

listen to me flowing with famous. because i'm super famous. and a blog nerd.

warning, this requires speakers. or headphones.

update 1 - adding the famous button

update 2- adding a ash-kicking promo done by mike oz

rogue 2008 banner


click on over to my art blog and you'll see the flyer i'll be giving out this week @ the philharmonic this weekend, where i'll be showing my art.

UPDATE! i just put up ticket info over @ the art blog.

rocky balboa hits on some levels

so, i watched rocky balboa last night. it's the latest (last?) of the rocky flicks. overall, it wasn't bad. it isn't a cinematic masterpiece, but i was a fairly enjoyable, and predictable movie. especially if you saw any of the last 3 rocky films. but, you still get those "chill" moments during the important parts of the movie. and, i bought the movie for only $3.99!

Monday, January 21, 2008

toothpaste for mike

i was reading some of the recent toothpaste for dinners and saw this comic. it really reminded me of this post by mike.

toothpaste for dinner

sorry buddy.

let's do lunch.

the return of a kershaw

it once was lost, but now is found!

that's right, my first kershaw knife turned up while i was cleaning today. i was looking for a lost pen, which is still missing, and was rooting about in the couch. as i dug, i pulled out a gem, my knife. here it is in a photo with my current kershaw. the old one, my first one, is on top.

of course, i still am missing one kershaw. and a pen.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

amazing race finale

well, tonight was the final episode of this run. and it was a pretty good season. there were enjoyable couples, forgettable couples, and at least one that i really despised.

the final three were ron & christine (father/son), tk & rachel (dating), and nick & don (grandfather/grandson). all three were good teams, and i was happy that these were the final three. it would've been nice for one of my teams to be in it, but you can't have everything.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!

tk and rachel won. they started in 2nd on this leg, and pulled into 1st on the last challenge. from there, they managed to find the final two clues and dash across the line for victory. good job to them. and good job to heather for picking the winner.

Friday, January 18, 2008

heather flower tattoo


yesterday i spent some time in the chair, and got a new tattoo done. it's on the inside of my right arm, and is winter flowering heather. this is my third tattoo done @ tower tattoos, and my first done by monica pasillas.

winter flowering heather tattoo

a lot is based off this photo that i took in for the artist to see. she sketched it up, and went to work.

winter flowering heather photo

my arm is tender and my shoulder sore from being in an awkward position for about two hours. but, i'm really happy with the work she did, and can't wait for it to be all healed up.

rademacher, the councilman deluxe, & death to anders rocked

what a show. the three bands that are listed in the title were very good tonight. there was a fourth, a lady playing guitar whose name i didn't catch (sorry) but she was entertaining as well. honestly, her songs were nice, i could totally catch myself listening, stretched out, dreaming off into the distance. at home, of course.

the councilman deluxe had a rock sound, with a real nice energy to it. it even had flairs of rockabilly mixed in that kept the set moving.

i don't think i'd heard death to anders before, but they kicked some serious tail. the hail out of the la/silverlake scene (i think) and represented very well. it would be fun to see them down there, in their scene, with there fans singing along.

speaking of singing along, rademacher had the crowd @ tokyo in the palms of their hands tonight with that. or maybe it was just me. they really looked like they were having fun tonight as they worked through their hits. sadly, they didn't play arguments. maybe next time. but, they're about to go out on a mini tour with death to anders, so if they're coming to your town, go. that tour is followed by two or so more tours that will include some south by southwest dates. one day i'll get there. and some day soon rademacher is going to hit it big(ger).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

my new friend

a few weeks back, i saw something while getting into the shower. it was a small spider dangling from the shower rod. normally, i try and get the the web, and wash them down the drain. but, for some reason i decided not to do that this time. he crept away, and i didn't think too much else.

the next day, i saw him up on the ceiling. then, i didn't see him for a day or two. but then, there he was on the wall. i've decided to name him raymond.

here's raymond up on the wall:

here's a little wider shot so you can see how little he really is:

i'm not sure what raymond eats. or what kind of spider he is. all i know, is that he's not going to rademacher tonight with me. unless he sneaks onto my coat...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new iphone software & macworld news

so, macworld started today, and steve jobs announced a super thin new powerbook. looks pretty.

also, they announced a new iphone software update. this excites me because: now i can send a text to multiple people. i used to always do this with my old phone, and was frustrated that i had to type out the same message over and over and over as i sent it out to our crew. now, one time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

death to anders & rademacher @ tokyo garden

you have two days to prepare yourself for thursday night's show.

death to anders


be there.

and here's to hoping that rademacher will break out the song arguments.

an honest review of there will be blood

let me break it down: it sucked. there were brief, interesting moments, but overall, the movie was a snooze.

look, i like movies, all types of movies. i like movies that build. i like drama. i like horror. i even enjoy romance movies. but this movie was just dull.

there will be blood. when?

the movie is supposed to be about an oilman and his struggle. well, when was the struggle? the movie lacked any real drama, had very little suspense to it, was fairly predictable.

don't go see it. i went on a free pass, so i don't feel cheated by the movie. i won't say the same thing for you if you do pay.

as for daniel day lewis' role that he just won a golden globe for, it was decent. but, it was also similar to his role in gangs of new york. the difference: that character, bill the butcher, was played with much more heart.

sports buzz stinks

so, many of you know that i'm a bit of a blog freak these days. on an average day, i hit up most of the blogs/sites in my sidebar, about 18 of the sites. there are also another 8 or so blogs that i read daily, some of which i draw stories from.

anyway, one of the blogs that i read often is the fresno bee's blog, the beehive. i really dig mike oz's music updates, flyers, and also his desire to start a blog war. call me soldier boy, but i won't be doing any superman. that might make sense to three of you. i also like h.mac's fresno take on what the gossip rags are reporting, and hope she's able to find some fresno celebs doing something. donald munroe, one of their movie guys, also has interesting posts here and there. right now, there's one up about airport security.

anyway, i commend the bee for having bloggers on staff, or at least getting some pay for what they do. the other day, i realized that in the sidebar of the beehive was links to the bee's other blogs, one of which is the sports buzz. as you can tell by the title of this post, i'm not impressed with what they do. i clicked on it for the first time on jan 4 or 5, and it was all dominated by fresno state sports. now, i didn't go there, and i really don't care much about what they do, but i understand that a large portion of fresno does. i get that. well, on the 7th the sports buzz posted a story about the patriots, asking if people wanted them to go 19-0. i commented that i did want to see that, as well as challenged the sports buzz to write more about things not fresno state.

their reply, "Ed, your point is well taken about sports other than Fresno State. One of our goals is to get the community chatting and exchanging ideas. I've found that posts on topics outside of Fresno State teams get little or no comments. Our community of readers tend to respond to things about the Bulldogs, as they should. But, we will make more effort to have a variety of topics. Thanks for contributing to our blog."

so, their claim is that their readers respond to all this fsu business. and that is why in the months of october to january they had less than 9 stories (i think it was 6 when i counted) about something other than fsu sports. but, i don't see their claim about people responding holding up. why do i say that, no comments on most every post. and yet, the one i commented on, about the nfl, has 7. that is one less than the comments on every fresno state related post (27 so far) in january combined. there's a post up about last weekend's nfl matches that currently has five comments. so, two nfl posts, 12 comments. 27 fresno state posts, 8 comments.

who's getting more response?

this got me thinking, what other fresno sports might they be covering? i saw some talk of high school football, so i'm guessing they are covering other high school sports as well.

fresno fuego? zero posts. nil. really, a team that won it's division, and almost won the entire pdl hasn't even mentioned a warrant?

how about fresno pacific? you know, that other university in fresno. the one that beat usc in basketball a few weeks ago. maybe they mentioned that. or that fresno pacific's women's vb won the national championship and routinely destroys fsu in scrimmages. maybe they mention that fpu's men's soccer team almost won their national championship. let me end the suspense. they don't mention any of that. the only fresno pacific sports comes in mentions of when fpu played fsu in men's basketball in 2006 and 2007. and a brief mention of the fact that the naia nationals for track were there, hidden in an article about a former local runner.

kudos for actually having a story on running.

but still, i feel quite correct in stating that the sports buzz sucks.

Monday, January 14, 2008

breaking news

abc nightly news is on the cutting edge...of about 4 months ago. tonight they had a story about elderly people playing wii. way to go.


new post up @ artbyedwardstewart.

iaaf makes foolish decision

last june, i blogged about oscar pistorius, a south african sprinter. for those that don't remember, he is a double amputee who runs using prosthetics. he has been fighting for his right to compete with able bodied athletes.

well, today the iaaf finally ruled on his situation. you see, they've twice postponed their decision. pistorius has officially been banned from competing in the upcoming olympics. he is going to appeal the ruling, but i wonder if the hearing on the appeal will conveniently be postponed until it's too late. the cynic in me already wonders if this is why it took the iaaf so long to rule.

i'll give the iaaf credit for actually studying the problem, even using pistorius in the study. however, i'm not sure that's exactly the biggest sample size. might want to mix in a whole lot more people before you come out with such a ruling. the company that makes the product says it doesn't provide an advantage. pistorius has lost to able bodied runners, as well as defeated some. he was only 2nd in the south african trials.

hey, i think the iaaf has done plenty to try and make sure that people aren't using performance enhancing substances. really, they probably have the best system for testing. and, i think it's possible that prosthetics could give an edge. just today, i was looking @ the ncaa track & field handbook. it's track season, i was seeing if there were any rule changes i needed to be advised of. i saw mention of how they were also changing some rules to stay in line with the usatf and iaaf in the area of shoes and such that could aid an athlete. i just think that they have bungled this situation from early on by trying to ban him without studies, then only conducting one study and acting like it's conclusive. especially given the timing.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

l.a. galaxy open try out

this post is for nick. the galaxy, my fav team, are having their open try out in february, the 9th through the 12th. you really need to go. remember, adam and i have said we will contribute to your registration fee.

and, the galaxy recently traded their starting keeper from last year, joe cannon, to san jose. they still have another guy, but you could be the back up. or maybe even take the starting role.

get down there buddy. that would show the fuego what's up.

Friday, January 11, 2008

circle jerks fresno

i done forgotted that i was planning on going to this show. thanks to mike oz @ the beehive for the reminder via post no bills.

and, one of the opening acts, last of the believers, is made up of at least one guy from rise against, a band i really enjoy.

i know steve p is planning on going. anyone else interested in joining us?

UPDATE: it was a good show. mike wise charlie came along, and lefty brown was there, too. and a few others as well. i'm not sure who the first band was, but mike and i showed up midway through their set. they were good, though. next up was last of the believers, who were musically magnificent. their vocals were a little difficult to get, and i blame that on the sound more than anything. really, the vocals for the first three bands were pretty crappy. but for the circle jerks, crisp, clear, intelligible. honestly, i'm always surprised when i go to shows and the music drowns out the vocals. speaking of the circle jerks, they were great. these guys were musically tight, but i imagine you would be after playing together for so long. the only drawback was that the band didn't seem to be aware that the exit has a police curfew of 11. so, their set was cut short. really, i saw the band's set list, and it was a mile long. they could have played @ least another 45 minutes.

so, good times. my ears are still ringing a bit. gots to remember to wear earplugs to more shows.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

operation change for the better

a new funny vid going around teh internets

friday night plans

Fresno Filmworks presents "Outsourced"
The Tower Theatre
815 E. Olive Ave.
5 & 8 p.m.
$8 students and seniors, $10 general

"Outsourced" is a wonderful, romantic and politically astute surprise, in which
a Seattle call center manager named Todd (Josh Hamilton) is fired and then
dispatched to India as a consultant to train his own replacement. For more
information, visit or call (559) 221-0755.

8 pm show.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

you're all going to sell out

many of you know that i am a Christian. and for the last few years my wife and i have been involved in a church plant, called tower mosaic. it's been a difficult time, and we continue to press on in our attempt to do church in a different way, to live missionally, and to really be a community of faith within our community.

anyway, as i was reading the shaping of things to come the other day in stirred in me some questions that i thought i would throw out here. the questions don't reflect on any one person, or any one situation, but are more general. so, please, if you feel like i'm talking about you, don't. and please don't get upset. also, i don't think these questions just apply to church or my setting, i think they also have a more general application, so feel free to answer if you're coming from a different perspective or place in life.

many people in our generation want something different in life, in the way we work within organizations, and in the church context, the way we do church. we say we want to be different, to be innovative. we say we don't want to be influenced by the consumeristic mentality.

these are good things. they are things i have said, and continue to say. yet, it seems that in time, people all sell out. they settle for something else. or choose something else. they embrace the same old methodology. i notice that this often happens around the issue of children. i'm not blaming children, or people for having children, but this seems to be a common factor.

so why do we do it? we do we settle for the same old? why do we buy into, and teach the next generation to do it the same way? why are the "revolutionary" ideas great, until it really applies to me?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

rogue reminder

just a quick reminder:
The 2008 Rogue Performance Festival will take place in Fresno, California between February 28th and March 8th, 2008!

i will be showing @ashtree studios.

that is all.

turntable hero

that's right you guitar hero freaks (and i know a few of you), here's a guy that's modified a digital turntable to work with guitar hero (2 i think). and he's playing rage. someone feel free to watch closely and see what level it's on.

Monday, January 07, 2008

willie nelson gravedigger

here or here is a link to willie nelson's newest song, gravedigger. it's actually not a new willie song, per se, as it is actually a dave matthews' song. now, i'm not of fan of his, but i do enjoy willie. i'm currently trying to amass a decent collection of his work.

now, in some ways this song has a johnny cash - hurt feel to it. theme of death, etc. but, you'll never confuse willie's staccato style with johnny cash's baritone delivery. and to me, they're both good.

so, check out willie's new song, and maybe pick up his new album, moment of forever, when it comes out on jan 29th.

finally, i don't know what it was, but something about listening to willie reminded me of an artist named barzin, who does a sort of alt/country thing. this is sort of funny to me, because on his myspace it says he's from toronto...canada. not exactly the mecca for country music. i have one of his albums, my life in rooms. i'd really recommend that you check him out. beautiful music.

fixed push skating

here's a nice little docuspoof about fixed push skating

i saw this over @ the thought kitchen. i've seen a few fixed gear cyclists here in fresno. i appreciate that they're biking. not that i can talk, i'm usually not biking. can't really say i understand why you would want to ride a bike designed for racing on a velodrome, but hey, to each their own.

i will now ride my nonfixed gear bike downtown to cafe corazon for some coffee and reading.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

california budget crisis continues

i saw a couple of stories today (here's one) about how california's economy is screwed, and basically how the guvuhnator hasn't done anything to fix the situation. and, really, fixing the fiscal mess that california was in was what said guhvuhnator ran on.

what i want to know is: why hasn't anyone done anything about it? we, and by we i mean the state of california because i voted against the recall, voted out gray davis because of the fiscal mess and the looming spectre of power problems caused by douchebag wilson. a overly democratic state voted out a democrat governor, and now this same state isn't even challenging the guy that's continued the problem for 5 more years?

way to go, california. way to go.

what do you think? my fellow dems, repubs and californians, chime in.

Friday, January 04, 2008

what art can do

art should inspire. art should move you. art should stir up things in you. every month, fresno has art hop on the first thursday of the month (they've just added a second night, too). the galleries are open, it's usually new exhibits on display, and i've been attending on a regular basis for several years. i usually enjoy myself, but often it's just that. i had a good time, maybe enjoyed a piece or two, but nothing struck me.

last night, something struck me. the work of linda kay papadakis

let me preface what i'm about to say by saying that i don't mean any disrespect to the artist. she was quite talented. technically sound. interesting choice of subject. but her work was some of the creepiest stuff i've ever seen.

the first two sets of paintings were portraits done in dark hues. the artist, in her statement said they were done to as a celebration of the people in a time of their lives. i totally didn't see them this way. to me, they were very dark, ominous. some of the faces almost ghoulish. again, i don't mean this to be insulting. just my impression. but they were still provoking something in me, which i appreciated. one of my fellow hoppers commented that they reminded him of a death mask.

the next set was of three young ladies. the coloring was much lighter, and maybe even more joyful. definitely warmer. the artist talked more of the process for this group than the intention, other than trying to view the paintings through the audiences' eyes. as i looked on these i went from creeped out to nearly disgusted. to me, these three ladies all had very seductive looks to them. but, they also all seemed waaaaaaaaay too young to be giving seductive looks. the more i looked at the work, the more my stomach turned.

again, i say these in the best possible way. in no way am i trying to insult the artist or the art. i wouldn't purchase these pieces because they're not really my style, my interest. but, honestly, these were some of the best pieces i'd seen because they stirred emotion in me. i could evaluate them simply on the artistic merits or technical qualities, and they were fine. there have been several times when i have seen very well done pieces on art hop. most of the time i see stuff like that. these pieces were great because they moved beyond just that. they moved me.

so, i take my hat off to linda kay papadakis

illegal porn seizure

ugh, i was thinking of how to write a title for this post, and kept coming up with ones that would be terrible. witty, yet mildly offensive. i mean, you want a catchy title, but also one that will be good for searching purposes.

"child pornographer may get off." gross.
"cops get bust red handed by pornographer's defense." not so bad, but also a little vague.
"porn tossed." well, uh.

the one i went with, "illegal porn seizure" makes me chuckle, because it makes me think about having a seizure. well, seizures themselves aren't funny, but a seizure caused by illegal porn? comedy.

so, to the article.
it seems that a former sheriff was busted for having both pictures and movie files of child pornography on his computer. now, no one is disputing this. he is a bad person for this. i'm grossed out by it, and frankly, don't want anyone to think that i agree with child porn in the least by writing this entry.

it seems that all the evidence from his computer is going to be thrown out. why you ask? well, our american justice system is working like it should. it's protecting people from the at-times villainous government. you see, the defendant's lawyer in this case has alleged that the officers that secured the warrant for search of the computer fibbed. a small white lie. or so they say.

the officers allege that the defendant allowed them to search the computer, which he did. they allege that they stumbled on some movies which allowed them to tell a judge that they needed a more intrusive warrant, which was given. this more in depth search revealed the bulk of the evidence in the case.

but here's the alleged kicker, "Berman, Vaughn's lawyer, told Wanger on Thursday that his computer expert, David Penrod, examined Vaughn's computer and discovered that the four computer images were 'not accessible or viewable.' In essence, Prado lied to get the warrant, Berman said."

the sheriff's contend that, "contend that the detectives simply misstated their evidence to the judge," and that "It was neither reckless nor intentional," Gappa told the judge.

really? so they didn't actually find the evidence on the computer, they then told the judge that granted the warrant that they did and this isn't a flat out, intentional lie? unless reckless and intentional have some other legal meaning i'm not getting here, seems pretty reckless and intentional.

of course, the sheriff's experts contend that the images could be viewed. and, if the evidence is kept in, it seems pretty damaging. like, this guy claims he was still working on cases even though he was no longer a part of that unit. and that he allegedly downloaded kiddie porn 3 years after leaving the unit.

i realize that this is a very touchy issue. and, if he's guilty, i want him to face the appropriate punishment. but, our society is based largely on law. if the law decides to bend and alter for it's own benefit, we no longer have a just society. if the crime was committed, here's to hoping that the sheriffs aren't lying.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

post art hop show w/brian kenney fresno!

holy cow! brian kenney fresno is playing tonight. i'm so there. i've heard about the man, the myth, the musician but have never seen him. tonight that all changes.

art hop tonight

i'm art hopping.

who's coming with?


heather's got a new post up.

post art hop rademacher

that's right, it's the first thursday of the month. that means art hop fresno. local favs rademacher will be playing tokyo. not too sure of any of the other bands. but rademacher is scheduled.

i'm hoping to pick up the ice age & rademacher ep's. must...complete...discography.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

lunch review charlotte's bakery

so, today i needed to pay bills. i'm somewhat old school on this, and pay many by mail. but, i was out of stamps. this means a stroll to the post office. hmm, i double up my trip, and also eat some lunch. but what is near both my house and the post office? enter charlotte's bakery.

charlotte's isn't your traditional bakery. sure, they do cookies and cakes, but what they specialize in is fresh bread. that bread makes the perfect sandwiches. you will probably want to call ahead and order lunch because otherwise, you may have to wait in line. also, they don't open until like 10:30, so you can't stop by and get a cup of coffee and a bagel on your way to work.

today, i went with their soup and sandwich deal. i went with the half sandwich, but you can get a whole one. but, hey, you're getting 16 oz of soup so settle down there.

the soups vary, and today's was tomato. this ain't your grandma's can of campbell's . this is fresh tomato, made with locally grown vegetables. the soup is almost meaty, although it's vegetarian. you know how tomato soup can be water? not this soup. it's pulpy-ish, and very flavorful. there are bits of celery, carrots and more veggie goodiness in this soup.

the sandwich, pastrami. they serve both hot and cold pastrami sandwiches, but only the cold ones are in the soup deal. i went with the wheat sourdough (white, tomato basil were the other choices). mayo, mustard, swiss, lettuce, tomato combine with the thin sliced pastrami to delight your taste buds. my only complaint, the mustard is just some plain old yellow variety. give me some spicy brown!

finally, the bread there is great, and relatively inexpensive for sourdough. seriously, i've stopped buying sourdough at the store, which is a staple in our house. i just buy bread here.


(cue queen music)

another one bites the dust.

senses cuisine in the tower district has been sold. they're out of business. well, sort of. if you call their number to make a reservation, you can't. but you are greeted with a friendly message.

"thanks for calling senses cuisine. we are no longer in business. we have sold the restaurant and are all looking forward to the new owner's contribution to fine dining in the tower district. please call back in a few weeks..."

dang. now, i didn't eat at senses regularly, but i did eat there on a few occasions. and each time that i did, i enjoyed my meal. i appreciated that they were willing to try something different with their menu items, and that their whole idea was based around seasonal dishes.

here's to hoping that the next place is just as good.

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the matrix club

if two great movies mated, here's what you might get:

seen over @ neatorama.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


i knew it was coming up, and while i was a little absent from the blog over the last few days it did. i had my 25000 visitor! sweet.

and here you are:

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the next milestone should be 1000th post (this is 952).

happy new year

2007 was an enjoyable year. things weren't perfect, but it's been a nice ride. thanks to all of you who have been a part of my life, have been on the blog, and mixing it all together with me.

here's to hoping 2008 is another good year.

more content coming soon. sorry, posts have been slim this week.