Friday, April 03, 2009

there's a blog war a coming

first there was this.

then there was this.

that was followed by this.

and finally, this.

a blog war has broken out. where will you, fresno readers, fall in? will you go the establishment, the man? or will you go with the underdog?

i say follow your hearts. you've been here. support indie bloggers.

*this was cross posted here. and, it's a lighthearted joke. seriously, i'm just having some fun in our fresno blogosphere and hold no ill will towards the beehivers. we're chums.


Mike Oz said...

I was gonna make a post about the Creative Blender, but I've decided against it.

I wouldn't want any poor keyboards to get shattered, or any mice to get slaughtered.

edluv said...

nice mike.

we should sign a peace treaty some day over tacos.

Lulu said...

Aww darn I was hoping for either a dance fight a la Westside Story or a break dance fight over this, not tacos. I think the dance off would give plenty of Fresnans something to blog about.

edluv said...

the war is far from over. i'm just saying that when we decide that it has been enough, we should sign the treaty over tacos.

Conlan said...

I want in on the war too! Indie bloggers unite! Sure, I'm now ostensibly writing a Fresno Magazine blog, but (don't tell them) it doesn't really have anything to do with the print edition. War is good.