Sunday, May 04, 2008

take me out to the blogpark

today was the closest thing for me, a blogger, to getting paid. well, sure, some bloggers get paid, just not me (anyone want to scratch a check?). you see, today i was treated to a grizzlies game. and this wasn't just any old ticket, we're talking luxury box. post enough junk on a website, and maybe they'll invite you to a game, too.


at the game i was joined by other famous users, but i didn't meet them all. i've met wiffle before, and it was cool to chat, and even get interviewed by him for dorktown & flowing with famous. and i think a hint of greatness might have rubbed off on me because i got to sit next to famous whitewater. sadly, we heard an announcement about fresno famous users being there and to check out the website, but we didn't get on camera.


parker's birthday

and the game was even pretty good, too. there were a few dingers hit, including two by scott mclain. fresno's pitching was good, and i think that the starting pitcher nick periera had 11 strikeouts. and, the closer had snazzy shoes (not pictured). finally, i was surprised to see major leaguer omar vizquel playing for the grizzlies. this is the first work he's done all year as he recovers from knee surgery. he looked pretty good in the infield, but his bat needs to come a little more alive when he heads back up to san francisco.

weather: good
seats: good
price: free is excellent!
company: good

all in all, a nice day at the ballpark. if you haven't been out to the chuck yet, get there. and, apparently they've got good garlic fries


Adam said...

Glad you had a good time. I got to watch Monica do another great tattoo and help watch a toddler.

edluv said...

you should email mike oz and petition to get into the blogger olympics.

Adam said...

What're the blogger olympics again?

Adam said...