Thursday, May 22, 2008

tumbleweeds are blowing by

yesterday i was able to watch a very enjoyable champion's league final. i didn't really care who won, as the teams that i follow that were in the league didn't make it to the finals.

today, i'm glad i wasn't able to watch the rangers play. they had fought their way back into a tie in the spl, with fellow glasgow team celtic. each team was playing someone else. celtic won. rangers lost. title clinched. ding dang.

not else much on the plate for today. lost isn't on tonight with a new episode (next week is a 2 hour episode). survivor is done. the office is done. what the heck am i supposed to do?

however, this weekend is on it's way and it's another potentially packed extravaganza.
friday night options:
-fuego play @ home
-possible poker game w/chums

-tower beautification
-possible podcast recording
-sudz in the city
-maybe bbq

-another fuego game
-maybe bbq

-it's a holiday!
-maybe bbq

and don't know if anything is certain, but i think i'm cooking up tri tip this weekend.


Adam said...

I watched Last Comic Standing last night instead of the usual.

timidvenus said...

we're there. what time is poker?

edluv said...

poker is an uncertainty. brian was trying to set up a game. but, i haven't talked to him since wednesday night.

is you two coming up w/georgiajanewoody?

another thing going on tonight (fri) is that abigail has a show w/a poet. but, i'm guessing that is still on because i know she's getting over tonselitis.

timidvenus said...

yes we is coming up with her.