Friday, May 09, 2008

undercurrent birthday bash

so, in case you haven't heard yet, this is what you should be doing if you're in fresno on saturday


there is no excuse to not be there for at least part of the 13 hours. that's about 77 cents an hour! $10! !


Adam said...

But what's the price per ounce?

The Lulu said...

I will have to meet up later with you guys or something because I have Moms day celebrating on Saturday from the afternoon to early evening. It was either that or I meet her for breakfast at 7 am on Sunday and I just couldnt deal with that.
Are you guys going to be coming and going from that all day or do you have a specific time you are planning on being there?

edluv said...

kasey, i actually won't be there from the start, so definitely come whenever you can. i'll be @ a track meet, but i think i'll be back around 5 or 6 and go then.

if you look @ the band list it's sort of the reverse play order. may not be exactly like that, but i know abigail is on @ 2 (that's what she said) and that patrick contreras is last and julia is before him.

edluv said...

adam, price per ounce will vary by ounces consumed.

Anonymous said...

who dyed my kid's hair blond?