Tuesday, May 20, 2008

please, no

my God, i hope the stories aren't true and that the bush administration doesn't have plans to invade iran before leaving office. the rumors continue to persist. and frankly, they scare me.

of course, the only way to solve our political differences with iran are through invasion. because, if you even say that you might talk to the leader of a country you don't agree with, you'll be accused of being a placater, having weak foreign policy, and naive.

UPDATE: apparently i like my wars fake and on the big screen. went and saw iron man tonight and it was freakin awesome.


Adam said...

It's ok Ed. Everything will be all right. Just close your eyes and sing along with me...

Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb, bomb Iran.

All better?

Adam said...

Seriously though, it's gotta be a bullshit rumor. The last thing Bush wants to do with his legacy is add a third unending war. They know how badly Iraq is hurting them.

Shit, we don't even have the personnel to start a war with Iran. We barely have enough for Iraq and Afghanistan.

He'd have to start a draft and well...that'd be about the dumbest thing to pull right now. I guess it would guaruntee jobs. Fuck it, I'm just rambling.

Justin said...

Wouldn't he need to get it past congress? At this point what idiot up for reelection would vote for that!