Friday, May 16, 2008

the vibe

so, we biked downtown to the vibe on kern street. it's basically a street fair that the downtown association or someone of that sort is putting on to draw people downtown in the evening. they're all coordinated w/a grizzlies game or something like that for people to do as well. let's just say i like the idea of doing some evening stuff to try and brind people into the area. i took some photos

smog city roller girls skating w/the fuego dragon

thee wanderers car club was showing strong

some kids were ready to play rock band - the power kept going out

aaron wall of 40 watt hype - one of the good things down there tonight

kopi and his hairpiece/plugs/whatever

overall, i was sort of disappointed with the vibe. honestly, it didn't seem like there was that much emphasis on the actual businesses that are there on kern street. there was local stuff represented (fuego, grizzlies, coyotes, some other stuff), and that's good. but some of the food vendors could have been from anywhere. i'm not even sure if they were all actually from fresno. and, the food vendors weren't even all together, or arranged in any sort of order that made sense. i talked to leo from cafe corazon and he seemed disappointed. their booth was way down @ the van ness end of the street, where there was little foot traffic, and it looked like the were tucked behind another vendor. not very good set up for visibility by whoever planned that.

i might go to the next one they have. might. it'll be interesting to compare this to the hootenanny @ yoshi now tomorrow.

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