Friday, May 02, 2008

post art hop show 5/1 nik frietas, david dondero, rademacher

last night was a really good show. el olio was totally absent (no r.c. even) but that didn't hurt the show at all. heck, it may have helped it because it trimmed the time on the line up. 4 bands can be a bit much when you're starting @ 10. having 3 probably allowed the bands to all play a few more tunes.

both nik frietas and david dondero killed it last night. i arrived during frietas' first song, and was instantly drawn into his sound, talent, and confidence on stage. malcom & greer from rademacher joined him onstage for a few numbers, and that was a nice touch.

david dondero was great. he had a nice little band playing with (bass player, drummer, lap slide guitar) and the alt/country sound was going off. his music had a great energy, and he played through a few minor issues (broken string - swapped for a rademacher guitar, mic stopped working - switched out for a different one). he was really receptive of the crowd, and they showed their love in return. it seemed like a good portion knew his stuff, and he even interupted the start of one song to play a request that was shouted out.

david dondero - rothko chapel

rademacher seemed to really enjoy the show last night as well. during their set, it really seemed that they were having fun, playing, singing, shouting along with each other and the crowd. maybe they realized they had to really step it up because the other bands had done so well. or, maybe rademacher is just that good now. whatever it is, they delivered the goods.

rademacher - careful with that

rademacher - playing for fun

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