Wednesday, May 28, 2008

vacation's all i ever wanted

so, i'm on vacation right now, for a few weeks anyway.

what that means for you:
-more posts

what that means for me:
-more soccer. seriously. vakay hit right before the champions league final, today the u.s. is playing england (starts in 30!) and euro cup action starts next week. i won't catch all that tourney, but i'll get my fill.
-more internets. 'nuff said
-more jim rome listening. man, i hate it when i can't listen to the show.
-more mario kart. umm, yeah. at least i won't get wii elbow from this game.


Mike Oz said...

Do you play Mario Kart online? My and the wifey play often and are always looking for new competition on the friends list.

edluv said...

oh heck yes.


and my wii address is
7913 8403 1544 4949

mike oz said...

cool. added you. mine is 1118-0862-7207.

Adam said...

Oooh, me too!

4703 1852 9483 1511

3738 0049 3437