Tuesday, May 06, 2008

news round up

so, i was reading different news sites today, and saw a couple of things that were noteworthy:

apparently, using cameras to invade everyone's privacy doesn't reduce crime. and if there's a society to prove that, it would be the british.

there's a war going on, and a lot of people just don't care. not surprisingly, that frustrates protesters. just this morning i was saying to a co-worker how the last 8 years have taught me that protests don't matter any more. you can have millions show up, and the gov't will give you the bird (and maybe a stick upside your skull) and go about its business.

bloggers, be careful. you may be charged with sedition. it may be malaysia, but we're doing our darndest to suspend habeas corpus and get there, too!

scojo is off the market. and, she's got a bad album of tom waits covers coming out.

if you're working on your masters in homeland security or getting a bachelors in criminal justice, you may not want to be selling drugs. of course, those crazy ideas didn't stop frat boys @ sdsu.

carl lewis, former olympian, thinks that using banned substances in sports should be criminalized. now, i may not disagree, but i definitely don't want to hear him sing the national anthem again. yes, i do, it's hilarious.


Uber Steve said...

Well, did protests ever really matter? Have 1 million people marching ever really forced the gov't to do something they didn't want to do? The only successful example I can think of is the civil rights movement.

The Jay said...

Red Glare!!!

edluv said...

i'd agree w/the civil rights example being an example of it working, but i'd also think of older examples like suffrage and even unionizing. i think the protests of the vietnam war also aided in that.

now, i'm not sure if there have been any since that time that have been that successful.