Sunday, May 11, 2008

undercurrent benefit show

the undercurrent show was amazing. and i came late. here's some photos (video will be added as i load it onto youtube). really, i only managed to make it to the last 4 hours of the show and had a great time. all the bands i saw rocked, and i heard the bands before had great sets. and, guayaberas were in full effect.

the crowd at the bar

adam (far right), kasey, and brian. carlos (undercurrent staff) appears to be growing out of brian's shoulder.

h-mac and the fresnan pretending not to talk about me. seriously, you two, i'm going to crush you both in the blog olympics. you will be hiding in shame.

the sleepover disaster

norma and darrin

kasey and heather

crowd shot while julia dawn plays

julia & sam rocha

patrick contreras, musician extraordinaire

(i have to fix the second video i took of patrick. it's 11 minutes, and youtube only allows up to a 10 minute video, so i've got some work to do.)

john thomas & corin from channel 30. warren armstrong saw the pic i took of them over @ the fresnan, i wonder if he'll see this one?

brian & matt, undercurrent staff

nick nocketback (undercurrent staff) and me

julia dawn


Adam said...

I was there too, despite the lack of evidence here to back up that assertion.

It really was a great show. All 12 hours of it.

edluv said...

don't get mad that i didn't put every photo i took up. fine, i'll revise the post and put your photo in.


Adam said...


I figured it was just one more of your exclusionary tactics like not introducing me to Heather and Mike.

I kid, I kid. I'll break into the big time on my own damn it.

The Fresnan said...

Really great post on the show Ed.

Sorry to say though, you will win nothing but shame at the Blogger Olympics...just like everyone else.

Monticore said...

There sure are alot of pictures of Julia...I'm starting to get a little jealous. also why is Rademacher not in the labels?

Heather said...

Nice blogging, Ed!

edluv said...

i left rademacher out of the tags on this post because i didn't see them, as i arrived late. the three bands i did see got all the press from me. and really, there are only pictures of 3 of the bands, which were the ones i saw. julia only had one extra pic, and that's basically because i took one of her & part of her band, and one to use for our podcast interview.

realistically, i took more pictures that have you (and kasey) in them than anyone else, i just didn't post them all.

cdf said...

thanks for coming out. it was a humbling night for me. the support we received was truly amazing. thanks for this wonderful blog. i hope everyone had a wonderful time, it seemed like everyone did. although, i'm glad birthdays only come around once a year.
thank you all,

patrickcontreras said...

Hey ed,
you gonna put up part 2 still?

edluv said...

sorry, it got pushed to the back of my mind. maybe i'll get to it today.

patrickcontreras said...

no problem ed, im sure you've got alot of other things to do..i was just curious

Sal Hernandez said...

There are more photos on ClubFlys by Elizabeth Squaire.


edluv said...

yeah, i heard she was going around at the show telling people that she was taking pictures for the undercurrent. mind you, this was told to me by an undercurrent staff member that knew she wasn't taking pictures for the paper. said...

Hmmm. Strange. Each of our photographers knows not to do such a think. Possibly a misunderstanding? Or improper wording?

I will ask her about it.

edluv said...

two final things for this old post:
1. i wasn't able to put up the other video of patrick because it was too long for youtube and i don't have cool enough editing software to make it shorter.

2. what i said about the girl from club flys was told to me by one of the undercurrent staff. i didn't hear it.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Squaire
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Speak with me... Not about me... That cost extra ;) LOL