Tuesday, May 13, 2008

west virginia is like a tree that falls in the forest

i heard that title phrase tonight in reference to h.clinton winning in west virginia. i respect that she hasn't conceded, and is pushing on, but i wonder why. her campaign is hugely in debt. even more important, the numbers don't add up, at least by most projections.

i was also a bit taken back by the coverage given to the win this evening in light of the amount of delegates given in the contest. clinton won 20, obama won 8. he won more superdelegates last week than clinton won regular delegates this week. so, which contest was more important?

so, we can have grandiose speeches about not giving up, or winning the swing states, and it amounts to little more than a tree falling where no one hears.


Adam said...

She can give up whenever she wants but most importantly, she'll give up when the numbers make it impossible.

If you were at a track meet and your team couldn't pick up an overall win, would you tell all your athletes with events yet to come to just forget about it?

The Lulu said...

True but you arent spending millions of dollars to run in the track meet.

Speaking of though, there was a high school atlete in Texas recently that won the overall state team title by herself because she was the only female athlete from her school to qualify. Pretty impressive Maybe Hiliary is taking inspiration from that:)

Adam said...

True Lulu, but we invest money in what we want to do. Track athletes invest in gear. I invest in booze. Clinton invests in the primaries.

edluv said...

i agree, she can give up whenever she wants to. and, she has the money personally to press on as long as she wants. she is not mathematically eliminated yet.

but, if the polls are correct, she will not win enough of the remaining votes to surpass obama's total.

so, no, i'm not saying she needs to get out of the race. honestly, i don't think it hurts the party for the two to still be jostling about. but, i think it's laughable that some media outlets made such a big deal about the victory in west effin virginia when the numbers that it gave didn't compare with the numbers obama pulled last week.