Tuesday, October 14, 2008

update on life

it's been a good run these last few days.

the fair was fun.

i sold a painting (check my seldom updated art blog). and, it's not just one of those, i want to buy that painting, which i've actually had a few times on this particular painting without actually finishing the deal. i've got a down payment, and am supposed to get the rest next week.

i subbed an extra class today and earned some more $.

die hard is on tv. sadly, it's only the tbs version, but of course i'm watching it.


The Jay said...

I was watching that last night too.

"Yippe-ki yay, m--"

m.wise said...

way to go on the painting

Lulu said...

Glad to hear it Ed. It is always good when you can reflect on the current condition of your life and be pleased with what is going on.