Tuesday, October 28, 2008

racial slur used against obama during palin speech

i'm a little suspicious of stuff on the internet sometimes, and so i can't guarantee that everything about this video is true. the additional audio could have been dubbed in, and of course the words on the screen have been added by the original poster

have a watch & listen:

if that video is accurate, and you're a politician making that speech you know to stop right there, go off your script, and condemn such language.

especially in light of stories like this one.


Uber Steve said...

Some of the stuff I've read suggests that they may be saying "redistributor", as that is the latest line of attack.

Adam said...

I don't know Steve, the last part of the word sounds like "ger" to me.

Lulu said...

Regardless of what was being yelled out, you are asuming she heard it. Yes it is quiet but she is the one talking and I dont know about you but when I am speaking, I am not going to hear as well as if I were just listening, particularly if you are speaking on a microphone. We are only listening, plus we conveniently have the words flashing across the video to follow along with so what may seem obvious may not be to her in that situation. She is also focusing pretty hard on her speech, reading a lot of it so her attention isnt on what people are randomly yelling out, which I assume probably happens a lot when she gives such speeches so she may just tune it out to focus on what she is saying.

Ed is right though, if you hear that you should stop your speech and condem it. She knows that everyone is watching her, she knows the media jumps on everything she does it would be ridiculously dumb of her not to say something if she had heard it.

But i am sure the guy in Hollywood who has a mannequin of Sara Palin hanging by a noose with her hands behind her back would disagree with that assessment.

The Jay said...

I don't hear it.

m.wise said...

i don't hear it either; but i don't have sound

edluv said...

do you mean you don't hear anything, or you don't hear the slur? there is obviously something there. when it got there, i don't know. if it's just suggestion, i don't konw.

The Jay said...

I don't hear the N word. I hear somebody yell something, but without the editing I wouldn't even consider that somebody yelled that.