Sunday, October 12, 2008

obama rocks fresno + smog city roller grrls recap

so, we had a nice saturday downtown. the obama event was nice, although i suspect that they did not promote it very well because there weren't too many people there. but, the music was nice, the weather wasn't too chilly, and smoke bros provided some nice grub.

here's rademacher during their set

rademacher - robot show

rademacher - they are always into that

not everyone enjoys loud music

malcom sosa of rademacher delivering a message

unfortunately, we left the obama event during 40 watt hype. it's been a while since we've seen 40 watt, and i wanted to hear their grooves again, but alas, we wanted to get over and get seats @ the derby. i did get one of their songs on video though:

our favorite derby grrl, hari kari.

a jam from the match

the final score, not even close

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