Friday, October 31, 2008

fay wrays, the sleepover disaster, geographer & fights monsters

looking for something good to do after halloween? or just because it's saturday? get yourself over to audie's olympic/club fred and see the fay wrays

11-01-2008 21:00 at Audie’s Olympic
w/ Silian Rail,
Fights Monsters,
and Sleepover Disaster.
Cost: $5.00
Fay Wrays, Silian Rail(SF), Geographer(SF), Fights Monsters (Bay Area), and Sleepover Disaster!!!!!!!!!!!

i paid $5 to see the sleepover disaster & light fm on thursday, and i'll probably pay another $5 to see them with the fay wrays.


timidvenus said...

are the fay wrays the guy i know? i can never remember all you young kids and your musics...

edluv said...

yes. i keep meaning to mention that to the singer.