Saturday, October 18, 2008

campaigning in fresno

so, this morning i went precinct walking for henry t. perea. one of the first things i noticed was that most of these folks weren't "true believers," in fact most very uneducated about perea. that's not good.

to start out, the morning was a little bit of a rally, then some training and then walking. the political guy that was leading part of the meeting talked about a rate increase passed by council w/perea on it to slam swearingen. that doesn't make sense. btw, he looked like fogle/mcluvin from superbad.

in some ways, it was like a bad youth meeting, with very little training. the training we did receive dealt in a lot of stereotypes, which was odd to me because it's stereotypes about the group present, like hispanics have chihauhaus.

the actual precinct walking was pretty good. it was nice getting out, talking to people, and i'll do it again. in fact, i'm signed up to do it the weekend before the election. so, if you're interested, we can use more people.

btw, here's one way not to run a campaign:

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