Monday, October 13, 2008

fresno fair finale

today was the last day of the fair, and i was headed over once again, this time with some friends. sadly, not as much of crew could come as had initially wanted, but mike, adam and i had a decent enough time.

the first place we went was the junior's exhibits. as i wandered through the student art, which once again was better overall than the adult exhibit, i saw a drawing of a familiar face. ken wilkinson, grinning away at my. ken and i were seat buddies on the track bus when he was on the team, and i was in his wedding. adam lived in the same dorm for a year with ken, and mike knows him through all our friendships. funny stuff. and, you can't really tell, but the drawing is made up of all these little symbols, which is a cool touch.

adam and i were hungry, so we parambulated around in search of grub (not grubs). adam went witht the old fair corn dog, but i'd had one on my first trip to the fair so i didn't feel the need. instead, i went with a bbq beef sandwich. it was pretty good, but i actually had to eat a good portion of the meat out of the bun before i could actually eat it as a sandwich.

we saw dan taylor & warren armstrong from channel 30. yes, it's a terrible picture.

mike was super excited to see barack obama. obama seemed like a jovial enough guy, but he was a tad stiff.

after obama, mike ran into john mc cain. mc cain seemed a little sad, maybe because he's trailing in the polls as well in most of the pivotal states. from where i saw him, he also seemed a little wooden.

mike actually managed a tri-fecta by getting a pic with sarah palin. she's a little taller than i thought, but i only saw the picture. while mike was getting all political, i was talking to the guy from tuff sheds.

while i learned about sheds, adam ate a cinnamon roll. to keep up, i needed to find something to eat. i decided to go the healthy route, and ordered up some fried zuchinni. i only managed to get down 2 1/4 of the 4 that i had, and was a little ticked because i burnt the roof of my mouth.

after that, i decided to endanger the crowd with chance of a vomitous eruption on the swings. i love the swings. it seems every year the seats are smaller. or maybe i'm bigger. i don't know. perhaps i need less fair food in my life.

swings, check. at this point, i could pretty much go home. we wondered through one of the exhibit halls and i almost got sucked into buy the shamwow. pretty cool demonstration, seems like a good deal, but when would i use it. instead, i spent some money on a funnel cake. in fact, adam and i both had funnel cakes, which is a bit surprising since he'd already saturated his sweet tooth, whereas i was just rolling on grease.

damn it all if adam didn't come within two small bites of finishing his, where i quit with about a 1/4 left.

another fair, come and gone.


Justin said...

why was there a drawing of Ken?

edluv said...

i imagine it was done by one of his youth group members.

mell0w said...

i wish i had gone now. sounds like you guys had fun

Adam said...

Yeah, my stomach was mad at me later in the evening. All that dough in one form or another just settled and made me feel slightly ill. But I made it through the night a-ok.

Jimmie said...

I am glad the drawing of Ken wasn't of the time we got him to ride the track coach's bike naked around campus.

Adam said...

Or that other time when he got dared to run around the dorm naked and we locked him out.

ken said...

hey, adam, that one never happened... i won't comment on jimmie's

Adam said...

My bad. Comment retracted.

timidvenus said...


how come you never visit MY blog?????