Friday, October 17, 2008

fusefest - saturday, october 18

you may have seen this on the fresno internets, but i wanted to plug it again here. the fresno urban sound experience festival - fusefest.

2008 FUSE Schedule

Cafe Corazon
4:00 Scats on the Sly
5:00 Abigail Nolte
6:00 Bobby Joe Neely
7:00 David Aus with Andre Bush
8:00 Loveseats
9:00 Roger Perry
10:00 Wheels of Fortune

4:30 Rademacher
5:30 Blake Jones & the Trike Shop
6:30 Tokyo Death March
7:30 The Neptunes
8:30 It's an Icicle
9:30 It'll Grow Back
10:30 Fashawn

The Smokehouse
4:00 Hellaquent
5:00 Chuck Dimes
6:00 The Suppressors
7:00 Fay Wrays
8:00 Flywright
9:00 Brian Kenney Fresno

Tokyo Garden
10:00 Ibice
11:00 Javon Davis Band
12:00 Patrick Contreras

October 18th
10 bucks gets you into everything.

sadly, like many festivals with multiple stages, you've got to pick and choose who you'll see. i'm thinking i'm going to milano @ 4:30 to see rademacher, then blake jones & the trike shop, then tokyo death march. but, i'm probably going to leave mid death march to walk over to the smokehouse to see the fay wrays play @ 7. or, i might even leave before 6 to see the suppressors and their skankin music. 9:30 maybe find me back @ milano for it'll grow back, you got to love old school punk. local hip hop phenom fashawn is up after that @ milano, @ 10:30.

however, it's possible that i also might completely cut out before fashawn to head back to the tower district. there's a good show @ audie's olympic/club fred.

that's right, abigail nolte is playing with the sleepover disaster. abigail's playing @ the fuse festival, but it's mid-rademacher. so, i think i'll catch abigail & sleepover, and be almost close enough to throw a rock at my house.

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the fresnan said...

I like route you've planned out. I was thinking of the same one (except I won't get down there in time for Rademacher, sadly).