Friday, October 31, 2008

staff meeting blues

so, i'm 30 minutes into a staff meeting, and the head of the school has been talking. that's fine.

what's not fine is the guy that came ten minutes late, that has commented on everything since he has been here, some things multiple times. there is about fifty people in the room, and I think fourty-six of them haven't said anything. take a hint buddy.

apparently, the daggers i've been shooting from my eyes haven't worked.


Lulu said...

Maybe try some real daggers. That would shut him up.

edluv said...

he eventually zipped it.

later, in the break room, i heard another coworker opining how fox news was the only network that was giving unbiased election coverage.

Adam said...

Maybe if you kept a handgun next to your Calculus book.

I'm seriously considering being that dude for Halloween now, unless that's what you decided on. I just need some of that stuff to spray my hair grey.

edluv said...

i am not being that guy, so go ahead.

trevor said...

who the hell was that guy that kept talking? god that was annoying. somebody shut him up...and fox news while you're at it