Friday, October 10, 2008

bumper sticker politics

so, i was driving home today and the truck in front of my had an eye catching bumper sticker. it read, "obama sucks."

profound. i hadn't realized that political discourse could be summed up with such brevity, clarity, and simplicity.


Uber Steve said...

I've been fascinated, though, at the lack of passion for Mccain in terms of stickers and signs. I have not seen a single Mccain bumper sticker this year in Fresno. I still regularly see old Hillary stickers, and even old Kerry/Edwards stickers from time to time. Compare this to the W stickers that were as widespread as the Billy Graham Crusade stickers during the last cycle. I didn't see a Mccain lawn sign until 4 weeks ago, and at that point I'd already seen a million Obama yard signs.

Adam said...

There's a few McCain-Palin stickers at my work. But I'm about to remedy that with a No on Prop. 8 sticker for my car.