Friday, October 17, 2008

things that i'm enjoying right now

every so often i like to run down some of the stuff that i'm digging:

-dear and the headlights - drunk like bible times. i'm not exactly sure how i heard about this band, but i am really enjoying this group. they have lighter indie sound, sort of poppy. they're catchy, fun, and worth finding. and really, how great is that album title, not to mention their band name.

-it's always sunny in philadelphia - this may be the funniest show on tv. I enjoy the office, but sunny is darker, more cutting, and gets away with a lot more stuff because they're on cable. if you've never seen an episode, go to hulu and watch as many as you can.

-fantasy football & the nfl - it's fall and that means football. i don't know what i did before ffl, but it makes football so much better and more interesting to follow. before, many of us just followed our team, now we're following everything. and, it gives more opportunity to talk smack.

- ruth's chris steak house - great restaurant that i wish i could afford to eat at more.


edluv said...

i realized that dear & the headlights kind of reminds me of ted leo.

Jimmie said...

I agree, Sunny is one of the funniest shows on tv. It ranks right up there The Office and 30 Rock. There is a reason it is one of the most watched shows on Hulu.

mell0w said...

if they sound like ted leo, i'll have to check them out.

did you go to ruth's chris already? what'd you have? how was it?

edluv said...

heather and i went like two weeks ago, and we had the 2 entree deal. we both actually got the same entree which was a small steak, a stuffed chicken breast, and a crab cake. i didn't care for the crab cake, but the steak was great, and the chicken was amazing.

we both had a salad to start, and my caesar was nice. nothing spectacular, but the presentation was very nice.

the service was great.