Sunday, February 03, 2008

yes we can actually made something good. okay, that's not fair, i liked the first black eyed peas album and thought the second was decent. really, i just dislike fergie. but, here has teamed up with bob dylan's son, jesse. this video is sweeping teh internets right now, and my buddy brian told me about it on friday. so, sit back, enjoy, and go vote on tuesday.

and really, the obama buzz is amazing right now. i was wholeheartedly supporting edwards, but have shifted to obama. he really gives me the feeling that something special is happening, that he might really be a candidate of change.


Adam said...

Nah, he'll be a let down like any other candidate would be.

The Jay said...

Fergie keeps coming up with new ways to disappoint. There was nothing wrong with BEP, but Fergie thought she was Gwen Stefani. Her stuff has been consistently crappy.
But Obama! Man, he's exciting to listen to. And this little video is an interesting way to present his message.

(Oh, and dude, you have to spell it "Barack" or it will count a vote for Ron Paul.)

timidvenus said...

that was nice, ed. it makes me think that obama could win, and that it might not be that bad. actually, as i was watching it i felt hopeful, and i dont think i have about the government, and the jobs they do for a long time.

Ann Thrope said...

Hey Ed -

I don't know if you've seen this spoof with McCain or not so here it is:

Ann Thrope said...


Here's a nicer URL: