Tuesday, February 19, 2008

full face helmet bandit

so, be careful out there. you may be mistaken for a suspect in a crime while doing the simplest of things.

this morning, i left a little early for work because i knew i needed to fill up my motorcycle. i stopped @ a little arco not too far from home, and went in w/my cash to prepay. however, since i was trying to rush, i didn't take off my helmet.

i went back outside, gassed up, and then went into the cashier to get my change. he gave me my changed, and seemed very relieved when i was heading out the door. he caught my attention by saying, "hey buddy, i thought i was going to get shot."

i was like, "huh?"

"didn't you hear about that robbery?"


the cashier then grabbed a newspaper, flipped open to the local section and showed me the story. here's a quote:
"According to witnesses, a male suspect entered the store while wearing a motorcycle helmet and asked for change. The suspect then revealed a gun and shot the store clerk and the security guard.

The suspect took money from the cash register and then left the store on a motorcycle heading west."

uhh, oops. one dead, one wounded. didn't hear that on my morning news, although i did hear about cuba. guess it was just timing.

so, i told the cashier i was sorry to scare him. and went to work. driving north on my motorcycle, though. he was relieved.

but, since i'm thinking about morning news, heather and i saw one of the most ricockulous ads last night. one of the channels is advertising their morning show in a very odd way. the commercial starts out with a guy watching his morning news and they're giving some story about how some one died. then the announcer voice comes on talking about, "why start your day like that? start your day with a blast!" or some other nonsense like that. because, of course, no one actually wants to start their day with news. i want b.s.! (if i can, i'll update this with video of the commercial.)


Adam said...

Hey yeah dude, you be careful. I don't wanna hear about my friend getting blasted with a shotgun from behind the counter because you had your helmet on.

The Lulu said...

Was the morning show local, the one with Koppi? Sounds like an advertising line they would use, thats terrible.

edluv said...

it is for retardo fox 26

The Lulu said...


I have a question about the word verification thing. Why is there a little wheelchair next to it?

edluv said...

it has something to do w/disability, like if you're unable to type or something. i think.

timidvenus said...

hmmm. ive wondered what that was for.

Adam said...

If you click on it. It plays a garbled audio loop with a verbal code over the top that you can speak into your computer if you have voice recognition software.

The Lulu said...

Interesting. Thank you for that information gentlemen.

carly said...

but if...i mean, if you can't see the words to type them...uh...how can you see the little wheelchair to know to click on it?

ed. being mistaken for a criminal is badass.

Adam said...

It's not necessarily for blind people Carly. It would be more for people that lack the motor skills or dexterity to type. Like Christopher Reeve was after his horse accident.

carly said...


that makes sense.

and i feel stupid. DOH!

edluv said...

or george bush