Friday, February 15, 2008

rademacher valentine's day show

so tonight i was able to go see rademacher @ club fred, or audy's olympic tavern as it's now being called (before it was fred's it was the olympic tavern). here's rademacher:

the show was pretty cool. it seemed like the worked in some more subtle changes into some songs. and, the sound @ fred's is really good. part of it is the system, part of it is that they have a sound guy that runs the shows, as opposed to tokyo garden where rademacher sets up their sound and there's nobody on the boards after that. with the better sound you could also hear the different parts of the music much better. i've seen rademacher @ fred's before (once, i think), but this was overall a better show & time than then.

the bass was very fat tonight, which was cool. here's greer:

she's great on the tiny tot's piano as well as bass. and the flute/recorder dealy she plays, too.

brad had a lot to say tonight. which is good. very funny banter in between songs or when mike was tuning.

this is mike (malcom/hot mess magic/etc) playing solo. i've been pestering him to play the song "arguments" for a while, because they never play it live anymore and i love that song. so, he did it for me and adam. very nice.

overall, the show was fun. rademacher did two sets tonight. they did a good part of their normal set, and then took a break and a dj spun. then they came back on, did more of their set and a few cover tunes. the covers? whitney houston's "i wanna dance with somebody," and the beatle's "hey jude." both were nice arrangements of the tunes, very indi sounding, but "hey jude" was a highlight of the night with a little crowd sing-along. it was a cool arrangement, with some little flubs, but still great.

after the show, adam and i chatted with mike about blogging. nerdy, but nice.


The Lulu said...

Glad you guys had fun and I am sorry I didnt make it.

Adam said...

Yeah, it was great. I'll post pictures this afternoon when I'm not at work.

edluv said...

if you're here from the beehive link, cool, thanks. if you'd like to read more of my thoughts/reviews of rademacher, click on rademacher in the labels, or search rademacher in the search box above. plenty of good reading.