Monday, February 25, 2008

yeah, i farted. jealous?

snl returned this week, and they brought back one of my favorite characters...amber.

"i can do the worm, i've served jail time, i've got mad skin tags, and i'm rockin one leg, bro."

"yeah, i farted. jealous?"


The Lulu said...

Oh that was great. I havent seen a full episode of Rock of Love but from what I have seen, they were pretty dead on.

By the way, where did you find this video? I always look for SNL skits on YouTube but I can never find any and I just assumed there was some copyright issue.

The Lulu said...

My favorite skit is Tim Meadows and Christopher Walken when Tim Meadows interviews him for the census. I am always looking for that one I can never find it.

Adam said...

Usually NBC posts clips on their site, but I don't think they're embeddable.

Adam said...

Kase, I just did a search for tim meadows SNL census and got several hits.

Is this the video you're looking for

(You have to click play and it pops up a new window)

The Lulu said...

Thats it! I am posting it on my blog for all to enjoy.
Thanks Adam, really I didnt look that hard so thanks for doing the work for me;)
(my plan worked! muhahaha!)

bstigs said...

Jay was just talking about this skit. Quotes it a lot.

Too funny!