Thursday, February 14, 2008

illegal waterboarding

it's official. maybe. sort of. now.

"There has been no determination by the Justice Department that the use of waterboarding under any circumstances would be lawful under current law."


"The prohibition was contained in a bill authorizing intelligence activities for the current year, which the Senate approved on a 51-45 vote."

"CIA Director Hayden acknowledged for the first time publicly that the CIA has used waterboarding against three prisoners."

only three? oh, that they admit to. how many more are there out there? i mean, because, you know, we did have those "secret" prisons in other countries.

but have no fear, "Waterboarding is still officially in the CIA tool kit but using that technique requires the consent of the attorney general and president on a case-by-case basis."

so, that pretty much means it's approved.

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Adam said...

What a bunch of fuckin' hooey.