Tuesday, February 12, 2008

spending time in your craft

i like to think i'm a good painter. then sometimes i see some work that just humbles me. the other night i was stunned by the quality of some work. unfortunately, the painter's name is escaping me. perhaps i'll update this later or put his name in the comments when i know it.

but it was a good kick in the rear. spend more time painting. so, as much as i want to watch reruns on tv, i need to paint. not right now, of course. i painted earlier this evening, as well as prepped another canvas for paint. but i do need to make better use of my time.


Adam said...

Yeah, this writer's strike has been a boon to my music collecting, bike riding, and generally doing other more productive things.

Keep at it man, that show at the Philharmonic is a great boost to the ego, even if you didn't get a lot of response. The more shows, the more name recognition, the more you'll want or need to paint and hone your craft.

The Lulu said...

Gilbert and George? I dont believe paint is their main medium, I know they do photo-montages that are fantastic and they are going to be on exhibit at the de Young Museum in SF starting Friday though.

Sorry Adam, writers strike is done. Back to the couch for you.

Adam said...

Yeah, I heard, but a lot of shows still have to tape episodes, so it'll be a little while longer yet.