Monday, February 18, 2008

happy cows come from california

no they don't. if you want to watch some stomach turning video that might make you rethink eating meat, click on the story and watch the video.


The Jay said...

Caught that this morning on the today show. I had just eaten and I was sickened by the video that they showed. Disgusting.

"I'm sicker than a beef recall" -- Del tha Funkee Homosapien

The Lulu said...

I like meat, I choose not to watch. Ahh ignorance is bliss (and a big juicy burger).

edluv said...

i had a nice burger for dinner and had already forgotten about the video. until now. really sad stuff.

it also bothers me that it seems like they're really pin it on 2 guys in the video, have been fired and i think charges are being filed against. sure, they're dirtballs, but to me it's got to be systemic. they didn't just come up with an idea of trying to push a cow with a forklift or whatever.

The Lulu said...

I didnt watch it and I dont want to watch it because I know it will really really bother me. It probably wouldnt prevent me from eating meat either because to me there is a huge disconnect between the burger on my plate and the cows in the video, but any animal abuse really disturbs me.

I would agree though that it is more of a systemic problem rather than an isolated incident.

By the way did anyone watch the dog with half a face on Oprah? I am thinkin most of you probably did so I will blog about it:)

carly said...

well. if we east-coasters believe all the commercials they air over here, EVERYTHING happy comes from california.

the one with arnold, maria, clint eastwood & terri hatcher is my favorite.

although, i probably wouldn't mind seeing terri hatcher forklifted into a meat grinder. sorry. too much?